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Pangrams are sentences using every letter of the alphabet at least once. They are also called holoalphabetic sentences.

Perfect pangrams

Perfect pangrams are sentences using every letter of the alphabet only once. They are anagrams of the alphabet. Because perfect pangrams are extremely difficult to come up with, they tend to use uncommon words.

  1. Blowzy night-frumps vex'd Jack Q.
  2. Cwm fjord-bank glyphs vext quiz.
  3. JFK got my VHS, PC and XLR web quiz.
  4. Jocks find quartz glyph, vex BMW.
  5. Mr. Jock, TV quiz PhD, bags few lynx.
  6. Q-kelt vug dwarf combs jynx phiz.
  7. Squdgy fez, blank jimp crwth vox!
  8. TV quiz drag nymphs blew JFK cox.
  9. Veldt jynx grimps Waqf zho buck.

Short pangrams

Short pangrams have up to 52 letters (double the number of letters in the alphabet).

  1. Big fjords vex quick waltz nymph. (27 letters)
  2. Nymphs blitz quick vex dwarf jog. (27 letters)
  3. Bawds jog, flick quartz, vex nymphs. (28 letters)
  4. Brick quiz whangs jumpy veldt fox! (28 letters)
  5. Dub waltz, nymph, for quick jigs vex. (28 letters)
  6. Fox nymphs grab quick-jived waltz. (28 letters)
  7. Glib jocks quiz nymph to vex dwarf. (28 letters)
  8. Junk MTV quiz graced by fox whelps. (28 letters)
  9. Quick jigs for waltz vex bad nymph. (28 letters)
  10. Waltz job vexed quick frog nymphs. (28 letters)
  11. Waltz, bad nymph, for quick jigs vex! (28 letters)
  12. Waltz, nymph, for quick jigs vex Bud! (28 letters)
  13. Bright vixens jump; dozy fowl quack. (29 letters)
  14. Quick blowing zephyrs vex daft Jim. (29 letters)
  15. Quick wafting zephyrs vex bold Jim. (29 letters)
  16. Quick zephyrs blow, vexing daft Jim. (29 letters)
  17. Sex-charged fop blew my junk TV quiz. (29 letters)
  18. Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow. (Used by Adobe InDesign when providing samples of all fonts; 29 letters)
  19. Vexed nymphs go for quick waltz job. (29 letters)
  20. Both fickle dwarves jinx my pig quiz. (30 letters)
  21. Fat hag dwarves quickly zap jinx mob. (30 letters)
  22. Fox dwarves chop my talking quiz job. (30 letters)
  23. G.W. Bush quickly fixed prize jam on TV. (30 letters)
  24. Hick dwarves jam blitzing foxy quip. (30 letters)
  25. How quickly daft jumping zebras vex. (30 letters)
  26. Jack, love my big wad of sphinx quartz! (30 letters)
  27. "Now fax quiz Jack!" my brave ghost pled. (30 letters)
  28. Public junk dwarves quiz mighty fox. (30 letters)
  29. Two driven jocks help fax my big quiz. (30 letters)
  30. Big dwarves heckle my top quiz of jinx. (31 letters)
  31. Do wafting zephyrs quickly vex Jumbo? (31 letters)
  32. Fickle bog dwarves jinx empathy quiz. (31 letters)
  33. Fickle jinx bog dwarves spy math quiz. (31 letters)
  34. Five hexing wizard bots jump quickly. (31 letters)
  35. Five jumping wizards hex bolty quick. (31 letters)
  36. Five quacking zephyrs jolt my wax bed. (Used by Mac OS X when previewing TrueType fonts; 31 letters)
  37. Go, lazy fat vixen; be shrewd, jump quick. (31 letters)
  38. Jackdaws love my big sphinx of quartz. (Used by Microsoft Windows XP when previewing some non-TrueType/OpenType fonts; 31 letters)
  39. Jumping hay dwarves flock quartz box. (31 letters)
  40. Public junk dwarves hug my quartz fox. (31 letters)
  41. Quick fox jumps nightly above wizard. (31 letters)
  42. Quick waxy bugs jump the frozen veldt. (31 letters)
  43. The five boxing wizards jump quickly. (Used by XXDiff as sample text; 31 letters)
  44. Vamp fox held quartz duck just by wing. (31 letters)
  45. Wafting zephyrs quickly vexed Jumbo. (31 letters)
  46. A very bad quack might jinx zippy fowls. (32 letters)
  47. Cozy sphinx waves quart jug of bad milk. (32 letters)
  48. Few quips galvanized the mock jury box. (32 letters)
  49. My ex pub quiz crowd gave joyful thanks (32 letters)
  50. My jocks box, get hard, unzip, quiver, flow. (32 letters)
  51. Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs. (Used for font samples by Beagle Bros and in NASA's Space Shuttle; featured in "Ella Minnow Pea", a novel by Mark Dun; 32 letters)
  52. Show mangled quartz flip vibe exactly. (32 letters)
  53. Vexed funky camp juggler quit show biz. (32 letters)
  54. Big Fuji waves pitch enzymed kex liquor. (33 letters)
  55. Blowzy red vixens fight for a quick jump. (33 letters)
  56. Exquisite wizard flock behaving jumpy. (33 letters)
  57. Jumpy halfling dwarves pick quartz box. (33 letters)
  58. Quilt frenzy jackdaw gave them best pox. (33 letters)
  59. Schwarzkopf vexed Iraq big-time in July. (33 letters)
  60. Sex prof gives back no quiz with mild joy. (33 letters)
  61. The jay, pig, fox, zebra, and my wolves quack! (33 letters)
  62. Vex quest wizard, judge my backflop hand. (33 letters)
  63. Boxers had zap of gay jock love, quit women. (Each consonant used only once; 34 letters)
  64. Five big quacking zephyrs jolt my wax bed. (34 letters)
  65. Hick Jed wins quiz for extra blimp voyage. (34 letters)
  66. Joaquin Phoenix was gazed by MTV for luck. (34 letters)
  67. John quickly extemporized five tow bags. (34 letters)
  68. Prized waxy jonquils choke big farm vats. (34 letters)
  69. "Quit beer," vows dizzy, puking, Michael J. Fox. (34 letters)
  70. Quiz explained for TV show by Mick Jagger. (34 letters)
  71. Quizzical twins proved my hijack-bug fix. (34 letters)
  72. Xylophone wizard begets quick jive form. (34 letters)
  73. Fix problem quickly with galvanized jets. (35 letters)
  74. Pangrams have subjects like "dewy fox quiz". (35 letters)
  75. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. (Used by Microsoft Windows as sample text; famous for its coherency; 35 letters)
  76. Waxy and quivering, jocks fumble the pizza. (35 letters)
  77. When zombies arrive, quickly fax judge Pat. (35 letters)
  78. A wizard's job is to vex chumps quickly in fog. (36 letters)
  79. Doxy with charming buzz quaffs vodka julep. (36 letters)
  80. Heavy boxes perform quick waltzes and jigs. (36 letters)
  81. Jail zesty vixen who grabbed pay from quack. (36 letters)
  82. Jinxed wizards pluck ivy from the big quilt. (36 letters)
  83. Jump by vow of quick, lazy strength in Oxford. (36 letters)
  84. Many-wived Jack laughs at probes of sex quiz. (36 letters)
  85. Pack my red box with five dozen quality jugs. (36 letters)
  86. Sympathizing would fix Quaker objectives. (36 letters)
  87. Victors flank gypsy who mixed up on job quiz. (36 letters)
  88. Fake bugs put in wax jonquils drive him crazy. (37 letters)
  89. Twelve ziggurats quickly jumped a finch box. (37 letters)
  90. Watch "Jeopardy!", Alex Trebek's fun TV quiz game. (37 letters)
  91. Who packed five dozen old quart jugs in my box? (37 letters)
  92. Brawny gods just flocked up to quiz and vex him. (38 letters)
  93. Dr. Jekyll vows to finish zapping quixotic bum. (38 letters)
  94. Woven silk pyjamas exchanged for blue quartz. (Used for font samples by Scribus; 38 letters)
  95. Jacky can now give six big tips from the old quiz. (39 letters)
  96. Jim just quit and packed extra bags for Liz Owen. (39 letters)
  97. Jumpy zebra vows to quit thinking coldly of sex. (39 letters)
  98. Prating jokers quizzically vexed me with fibs. (39 letters)
  99. The lazy major was fixing Cupid's broken quiver. (39 letters)
  100. The quick onyx goblin jumps over the lazy dwarf. (From flavor text in a card in the "Magic: the Gathering" card game; 39 letters)
  101. The six men have power to seize the ship quickly. (39 letters)
  102. Turgid saxophones blew over Mick's jazzy quaff. (39 letters)
  103. Amazingly few discotheques provide jukeboxes. (Only 5 words; 40 letters)
  104. Dumpy kibitzer jingles as exchequer overflows. (40 letters)
  105. Five jumbo oxen graze quietly with packs of dogs. (40 letters)
  106. My faxed joke won a pager in the cable TV quiz show. (40 letters)
  107. Puzzled women bequeath jerks very exotic gifts. (40 letters)
  108. Quickly pack the box with five dozen modern jugs. (40 letters)
  109. Wolves exit quickly as fanged zoo chimp jabbers. (40 letters)
  110. A boy, Max, felt quick during his hazy weaving jumps. (41 letters)
  111. A large fawn jumped quickly over white zinc boxes. (41 letters)
  112. Cozy lummox gives smart squid who asks for job pen. (Used for font samples by the Macintosh computers after System 7, as well as on certain Palm products; 41 letters)
  113. Meghan deftly picks valuable jewels: onyx, quartz. (41 letters)
  114. Playing jazz vibe chords quickly excites my wife. (41 letters)
  115. Painful zombies quickly watch a jinxed graveyard. (42 letters)
  116. The judge quickly gave back six prizes to the women. (42 letters)
  117. Viewing quizzical abstracts mixed up hefty jocks. (42 letters)
  118. Five wine experts jokingly quizzed sample Chablis. (43 letters)
  119. Foxy diva Jennifer Lopez wasn’t baking my quiche. (40 letters)
  120. My girl wove six dozen plaid jackets before she quit. (43 letters)
  121. Sexy zebras just prowl and vie for quick hot matings. (43 letters)
  122. Then a cop quizzed Mick Jagger’s ex-wives briefly. (40 letters)
  123. William Jex quickly caught five dozen Republicans. (43 letters)
  124. Ban foul, toxic smogs which quickly jeopardize lives. (44 letters)
  125. Five or six big jet planes zoomed quickly by the tower. (44 letters)
  126. Grumpy wizards make a toxic brew for the jovial queen. (44 letters)
  127. Harry, jogging quickly, axed zen monks with beef vapor. (44 letters)
  128. Jack quietly gave dog owners most of his prize boxers. (44 letters)
  129. Lazy jackal from raiding zebec prowls the quiet cove. (44 letters)
  130. Quizotic knights' wives are found on jumpy old zebras. (44 letters)
  131. Six big devils from Japan quickly forgot how to waltz. (44 letters)
  132. Six boys guzzled cheap raw plum vodka quite joyfully. (44 letters)
  133. Six of the women quietly gave back prizes to the judge. (44 letters)
  134. The vixen jumped quickly on her foe barking with zeal. (44 letters)
  135. "Who am taking the ebonics quiz?", the prof jovially axed. (44 letters)
  136. As quirky joke, chefs won’t pay devil magic zebra tax. (42 letters)
  137. Big July earthquakes confound zany experimental vow. (45 letters)
  138. Cute, kind, jovial, foxy physique, amazing beauty? Wowser! (45 letters)
  139. Exquisite farm wench gives body jolt to prize stinker. (45 letters)
  140. Foxy parsons quiz and cajole the lovably dim wiki-girl. (45 letters)
  141. Guzzling of jaunty exile wrecks havoc at damp banquet. (45 letters)
  142. Six plump boys guzzled cheap raw vodka quite joyfully. (45 letters)
  143. A very big box sailed up then whizzed quickly from Japan. (46 letters)
  144. Battle of Thermopylae: Quick javelin grazed wry Xerxes. (46 letters)
  145. Have a pick: twenty six letters — no forcing a jumbled quiz! (46 letters)
  146. Bored? Craving a pub quiz fix? Why, just come to the Royal Oak! (Used to advertise a pub quiz in Bowness-on-Windermere; 47 letters)
  147. Few black taxis drive up major roads on quiet hazy nights. (47 letters)
  148. Four women quietly gave the sixth prize back to the judge. (47 letters)
  149. Jack amazed a few girls by dropping the antique onyx vase! (47 letters)
  150. Jack quietly moved up front and seized the big ball of wax. (47 letters)
  151. Jack's man found exactly a quarter in the woven zipper bag. (47 letters)
  152. Jay visited back home and gazed upon a brown fox and quail. (47 letters)
  153. Just poets wax boldly as kings and queens march over fuzz. (47 letters)
  154. May Jo equal the fine record by solving six puzzles a week? (47 letters)
  155. My grandfather picks up quartz and valuable onyx jewels. (47 letters)
  156. Six crazy kings vowed to abolish my quite pitiful jousts. (47 letters)
  157. The laze judge was very quick to pay tax money for the barn. (47 letters)
  158. We have just quoted on nine dozen boxes of gray lamp wicks. (47 letters)
  159. Why shouldn’t a quixotic Kazakh vampire jog barefoot? (44 letters)
  160. A quivering Texas zombie fought republic linked jewelry. (48 letters)
  161. Crazy Fredericka bought many very exquisite opal jewels. (48 letters)
  162. Dave quickly spotted the four women dozing in the jury box. (48 letters)
  163. Fred specialized in the job of making very quaint wax toys. (48 letters)
  164. Freight to me sixty dozen quart jars and twelve black pans. (48 letters)
  165. Grumpy wizards make toxic brew for the evil Queen and Jack. (Used by Google Fonts; 48 letters)
  166. Jack's eloquence may prove hazardous for the six big shows. (48 letters)
  167. Jacqueline was vexed by the folks who got the money prizes. (48 letters)
  168. Jeb quickly drove a few extra miles on the glazed pavement. (48 letters)
  169. My folks proved his expert eloquence was just a big hazard. (48 letters)
  170. Six women quietly got the prizes back from the five judges. (48 letters)
  171. Sixty zippers were quickly picked from the woven jute bag. (48 letters)
  172. Verily, the dark ex-Jew quit Zionism, preferring the cabala. (48 letters)
  173. We could jeopardize six of the gunboats by two quick moves. (48 letters)
  174. Why did Max become eloquent over a zany gift like judhpurs? (48 letters)
  175. A quick movement of the enemy will jeopardize six gunboats. (49 letters)
  176. All questions asked by five watch experts amazed the judge. (49 letters)
  177. Back in June we delivered oxygen equipment of the same size. (49 letters)
  178. Baroque? Hell, just mix a dozen wacky pi fonts and you've got it. (49 letters)
  179. Dental surgeon zaps sexual joker with quick-frozen Valium! (49 letters)
  180. How razorback-jumping frogs can level six piqued gymnasts! (Used for font samples by the Macintosh computers, System 7 era; 49 letters)
  181. I have quickly spotted the four women dozing in the jury box. (49 letters)
  182. I quickly explained that many big jobs involve few hazards. (49 letters)
  183. Jay began removing six dozen black quilts with petty flaws. (49 letters)
  184. Just keep examining every low bid quoted for zinc etchings. (Used in many type specimen books for letterpress printers; 49 letters)
  185. Six of the gunboats could be jeopardized by two quick moves. (49 letters)
  186. The exodus of jazzy pigeons is craved by squeamish walkers. (49 letters)
  187. The job of waxing linoleum frequently peeves chintzy kids. (49 letters)
  188. West quickly gave Bert handsome prizes for six juicy plums. (49 letters)
  189. Zelda might fix the job growth plans very quickly on Monday. (49 letters)
  190. Brown jars prevented the mixture from freezing too quickly. (50 letters)
  191. Jack typed requisitions for white moving boxes (long size). (48 letters)
  192. Lazy movers quit hard-packing of papier-mache jewelry boxes. (50 letters)
  193. The risque gown marked a very brazen exposure of juicy flesh. (50 letters)
  194. The wizard quickly jinxed the gnomes before they vaporized. (50 letters)
  195. We promptly judged antique ivory buckles for the next prize. (50 letters)
  196. Weekly magazines request help for and by junior executives. (50 letters)
  197. Jackie will budget for the most expensive zoology equipment. (51 letters)
  198. Jim quickly realized that the beautiful gowns are expensive. (51 letters)
  199. New farmhand proves strong but lazy, picking just six quinces. (51 letters)
  200. Suez sailor vomits jauntily abaft while waxing parquet decks. (52 letters)

Long pangrams

Long pangrams are easier to create, but they may afford more opportunity for humor, cleverness, or thoughtfulness.

  1. A quart jar of oil mixed with zinc oxide makes a very bright paint. (53 letters)
  2. Alfredo must just bring very exciting news to the plaza quickly. (53 letters)
  3. Anxious Paul waved back his pa from the zinc quarry just sighted. (53 letters)
  4. Hark! Toxic jungle water vipers quietly drop on zebras for meals! (53 letters)
  5. Now is the time for all quick brown dogs to jump over the lazy lynx. (53 letters)
  6. Whenever the black fox jumped, the squirrel gazed suspiciously. (53 letters)
  7. A mad boxer shot a quick, gloved jab to the jaw of his dizzy opponent. (54 letters)
  8. Back in my quaint garden, jaunty zinnias vie with flaunting phlox. (54 letters)
  9. Picking just six quinces, the new farm hand proved strong but lazy. (54 letters)
  10. Would you please examine both sizes of jade figures very quickly? (54 letters)
  11. Jaded zombies acted quaintly but kept driving their oxen forward. (55 letters)
  12. My help squeezed in and joined the weavers again before six o'clock. (55 letters)
  13. On the boardwalk grave playful lizards quickly jump and exercise. (55 letters)
  14. The job requires extra pluck and zeal from every young wage earner. (55 letters)
  15. When we go back to Juarez, Mexico, do we fly over picturesque Arizona? (55 letters)
  16. Six big juicy steaks sizzled in a pan as five workmen left the quarry. (56 letters)
  17. While making deep excavations we found some quaint bronze jewelry. (56 letters)
  18. The jukebox music puzzled a gentle visitor from a quaint valley town. (57 letters)
  19. We quickly seized the black axle and just saved it from going past him. (57 letters)
  20. About sixty codfish eggs will make a quarter pound of very fizzy jelly. (58 letters)
  21. Prodigal lesbians from Venezuela know just exactly how to eat quiche. (58 letters)
  22. Verbatim reports were quickly given by Jim Fox to his amazed audience. (58 letters)
  23. Just work for improved basic techniques to maximize your typing skill. (59 letters)
  24. Questions of a zealous nature have become by degrees petty waxen jokes. (59 letters)
  25. While Suez sailors wax parquet decks, Afghan Jews vomit jauntily abaft. (59 letters)
  26. Dangerously frozen, he quickly judged his extremities to be waterproof. (60 letters)
  27. The public was amazed to view the quickness and dexterity of the juggler. (60 letters)
  28. Jolly housewives made inexpensive meals using quick-frozen vegetables. (61 letters)
  29. Monique, the buxom coed, likes to fight for Pez with the junior varsity team. (61 letters)
  30. The July sun caused a fragment of black pine wax to ooze on the velvet quilt. (61 letters)
  31. King Alexander was just partly overcome after quizzing Diogenes in his tub. (63 letters)
  32. Six javelins thrown by the quick savages whizzed forty paces beyond the mark. (64 letters)
  33. The explorer was frozen in his big kayak just after making queer discoveries. (64 letters)
  34. Uphill jogging will tax pounding heart muscle very quickly; better to be lazy! (64 letters)
  35. As we explored the gilf of Zanzibar, we quickly moved closer to the jutting rocks. (66 letters)
  36. Perhaps President Clinton's amazing sax skills will be judged quite favourably? (67 letters)
  37. Fabled reader with jaded, roving eye seized by quickened impulse to expand budget. (68 letters)
  38. Travelling beneath the azure sky in our jolly ox-cart, we often hit bumps quite hard. (68 letters)
  39. Ebenezer unexpectedly bagged two tranquil aardvarks with his jiffy vacuum cleaner. (71 letters)
  40. I was temporarily forced to zig-zag and quiver furiously around big junky xylophones. (71 letters)
  41. Opium frequently leads to bad palpitations, hazy judgement, and causes weak sex drive. (71 letters)
  42. Their kind aunt was subject to frequent dizzy spells, thus causing much anxiety and worry. (74 letters)
  43. Jimmy and Zack, the police explained, were last seen diving into a field of buttered quahogs. (75 letters)
  44. The sex life of the woodchuck is a provocative question for most vertebrate zoology majors. (76 letters)
  45. William said that everything about his jacket was in quite good condition except for the zipper. (80 letters)
  46. Jelly-like above the high wire, six quaking pachyderms kept the climax of the extravaganza in a dazzling state of flux. (97 letters)
  47. No kidding — Lorenzo called off his trip to visit Mexico City just because they told him the conquistadores were extinct. (99 letters)
  48. Forsaking monastic tradition, twelve jovial friars gave up their vocation for a questionable existence on the flying trapeze. (106 letters)

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