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White appears in the following tongue twisters:

  • It's a nice night for a white rice fight.
  • Ripe white wheat reapers reap ripe white wheat right.
  • Who washed Washington's white woolen underwear when Washington's washer-woman went west?

White appears in the following pangrams (sentences using every letter of the alphabet at least once):

  • A large fawn jumped quickly over white zinc boxes. (41 letters)
  • Jack typed requisitions for white moving boxes (long size). (48 letters)
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Usage statistics for the adjective white:

spoken English38.04%written English61.96% conversational speech68.9%task-oriented speech31.1% imaginative writing68.6%informational writing31.4%
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Fun fact! White meat was originally another name for dairy produce.

The word white is considered to be an easy one, according to the Dale-Chall word list, which includes 3000 words that all fourth-grade American students should know and understand.

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Definition of the noun white

What does white mean as a name of something?

noun - plural:

  • white: whites
  • White: Whites

  1. a Caucasian
  2. the quality or state of the achromatic color of greatest lightness (bearing the least resemblance to black)
  3. United States jurist appointed chief justice of the United States Supreme Court in 1910 by President Taft; noted for his work on antitrust legislation (1845-1921)
  4. United States political journalist (1915-1986)
  5. United States architect (1853-1906)
  6. United States educator who in 1865 (with Ezra Cornell) founded Cornell University and served as its first president (1832-1918)
  7. the white part of an egg; the nutritive and protective gelatinous substance surrounding the yolk consisting mainly of albumin dissolved in water
    • example: she separated the whites from the yolks of several eggs
    • lexical domain: Foods & Drinks - nouns denoting foods and drinks
    • synonyms of white: albumen / egg white / ovalbumin
    • more generic words: fixings / ingredient = food that is a component of a mixture in cooking
    • part of: egg / eggs = oval reproductive body of a fowl (especially a hen) used as food
  8. (board games) the lighter pieces
  9. (usually in the plural) trousers made of flannel or gabardine or tweed or white cloth

Definition of the adjective white

What does white mean as an attribute of a noun?

White is one of the top 50 most common adjectives in the English language.View more statistics!

adjective - degrees: whiter | whitest

  1. being of the achromatic color of maximum lightness; having little or no hue owing to reflection of almost all incident light
  2. of or belonging to a racial group having light skin coloration
  3. free from moral blemish or impurity; unsullied
    • example: in shining white armor
    • similar: pure
  4. marked by the presence of snow
    • examples: a white Christmas | the white hills of a northern winter
    • synonym of white: snowy
    • similar: covered
  5. restricted to whites only
    • examples: under segregation there were even white restrooms and white drinking fountains | a lily-white movement which would expel Negroes from the organization
    • synonym of white: lily-white
    • similar: segregated / unintegrated
  6. glowing white with heat
    • examples: white flames | a white-hot center of the fire
    • synonym of white: white-hot
    • similar: hot
  7. benevolent; without malicious intent
    • example: that's white of you
    • similar: good
  8. (of a surface) not written or printed on
  9. (of coffee) having cream or milk added
  10. (of hair) having lost its color
  11. anemic looking from illness or emotion
  12. of summer nights in northern latitudes where the sun barely sets
    • example: white nights
    • similar: light

Alternative definition of the adjective white


  1. Bright and colourless; reflecting equal quantities of all frequencies of visible light.
  2. Of Caucasian race.
  3. [context: of coffee] Containing cream, milk, or creamer.
  4. [context: board games, chess] The standard denomination of the playing pieces of a board game deemed to belong to the white set, no matter what the actual colour.
  5. Pertaining to an ecclesiastical order whose adherents dress in white habits; Cistercian.
  6. [slang, often, humorous, sometimes, offensive] exhibiting traits popularly associated with Caucasian culture, especially European high culture, as opposed to African-American culture.
  7. [of a, person or skin] Lacking coloration from ultraviolet light.

Definition of the verb white

What does white mean as a doing word?

verb - inflections: whited | whiting | whites

  1. turn white
    • lexical domain: Change - verbs of size, temperature change, intensifying, etc.
    • synonym of white: whiten
    • more generic words: color / colour / discolor / discolour = change color, often in an undesired manner
    • more specific word: bleach = make whiter or lighter


  1. White a.k.a. Jack White is an American musician, producer, and occasional actor. He is most well known as the frontman of the band The White Stripes, though he has been in several bands and collaborated with various artists. On April 24, 2012, White released his debut solo album, Blunderbuss, which received wide critical acclaim. His second studio album, Lazaretto, was released on June 10, 2014.
  2. White a.k.a. Trevor White: Trevor Alan White is a Canadian actor who has worked in theatre, film, television and radio since 1994, and has been based out of London since 2001.
  3. White was an English cricketer. White's batting style is unknown. He most likely held the rank of captain in either the British Army or Royal Navy, as he was known as Captain White on scorecards.
  4. White a.k.a. Setthapong Phiangphor is an actor and singer.
  5. White was an English cricketer who played for Hampshire county cricket teams organised by the Hambledon Club.

There are other people with in their name, like Amy White, Art White, Bay White, Ben White, Bob White, bob-white, Bud White, Cam White, Dan White, Dez White and many others.


  1. WHITE is a musical group.
  2. White a.k.a. White+ is a musical group.
    • album: "White+"

There are other groups with in their name, like White Ape, White Ash, White Car, White Jam, White Out, White Owl, White Ppl, White Sea, white-ash, White-Out, Deep White, Lily White, lily-white, Snow White, Snow-White, Soma White, White Bats, White City, White Door and White flag.


  1. White is an architectural firm based in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is the biggest firm in Scandinavia, with more than 700 team members.
  2. White is a record label.


  1. "White": White: The Great Pursuit is a novel by Christian author Ted Dekker. It is the third book of four in the Circle series.
    • also known as "White (Circle 3)", "White (Audio) (Circle (Westbow Press))", "White (Circle Trilogy)", "White (Walker Large Print Books)"
    • language: English Language
    • characters:
      • Elyon
      • Chelise
      • Stephen
      • William
      • Cain
      • Suzan
      • Patricia
      • Thomas Hunter
      • Rachelle
      • Johan
      • Jamous
      • Mikil
      • Justin
    • genres: Thriller, Science Fiction, Fiction, Fantasy, Speculative fiction, Mystery, Suspense
    • subject: Suspense
    • copyright: 2004-10
    • released in (11 years ago)
  2. "White" is a play by Andy Manley.
  3. "White" is a book by Christopher Whitcomb.
    • genres: Fiction, Mystery, Suspense
    • subjects: Espionage, Indonesia, Adventure, Terrorism, Suspense


  1. White was a series of documentaries shown in March 2008 on BBC 2 dealing with issues of race and the changing nature of the white working class in Britain.
  2. "White" a.k.a. "Three Colors: White" is a 1994 French-Polish comedy-drama art film co-written, produced, and directed by Krzysztof Kieślowski. White is the second in The Three Colors Trilogy, themed on the French Revolutionary ideals, following Blue and preceding Red.
  3. "White" a.k.a. "Shwet" is a short film, directed by Kanchan Ghosh and written by Anish Sahebsingh Ahluwalia & Ramdas Pawar.
  4. "White": Set in a future world on the verge of environmental collapse, a group of archaeologists venture into a toxic desert wasteland, determined to unearth a lost civilization they believe suffered a similar fate and hoping that this ancient disaster holds clues that can help avert their own ruin.  But can they survive the desert long enough to do the work they need to do, and unearth the discoveries they desperately need to find? In their digging, they make at least two discoveries they don’t expect: the power of love, and a curious notion they come to know as faith.
    • also known as Lavan
    • country: Israel
    • language: Hebrew Language
    • director: Guilhad Emilio Schenker
    • genres: Fantasy, Romance Film, Drama
    • released in (6 years ago)
  5. "White" a.k.a. "White: The Melody of the Curse" is a 2011 South Korean horror film by Kim Gok and Kim Sun.
  6. "White" is a 2013 short drama film written by Lana Baric and Zvonimir Juric and directed by Zvonimir Juric.


  1. "White" is the fifth studio album released by Angela Aki, released on September 28, 2011 in two editions, standard and limited. The limited one includes a bonus DVD with a music video of "Hajimari no Ballad" and performance footage held at a museum in June 2011.
    • genre: Pop music
    • released on (4 years ago)
  2. "White" is a musical album of Superfly.
    • released on
  3. "White" is the fifteenth single by Japanese boy band KAT-TUN. The track "White" is used in the "Sofina Otona no Bihaku" TV commercial, while "Perfect" is used in Kazuya Kamenashi's Aoki "3D Slim Suits" TV commercial.
  4. "White" a.k.a. "White+" is a musical album of White+.
    • released on
  5. "White" a.k.a. "Beyaz" is a 2011 studio album by Ebru Gündeş.
  6. "White" is an album released in 1987 by Rifle Sport on Ruthless Records.
    • genre: Post-punk
    • released in (29 years ago)
  7. "White" is a compilation of songs by the Japanese hard rock group Show-Ya. The collection was released in 1988 in Japan. The album reached position No. 43 in the Japanese Oricon chart.
  8. "White" is a musical album of Fin.K.L.
    • released in (17 years ago)
  9. "White" is a musical album of Sunn O))).
    • released on (9 years ago)
  10. "White" is a musical album of Nino Katamadze & Insight.
    • released in (10 years ago)
  11. "White" a.k.a. "[White]" is a musical EP of The Walkmen.
    • released in (15 years ago)
  12. "White" is a composition.
  13. "white" is a musical album of Cure Rubbish.
    • released on
  14. "WHITE" is a musical single of KAT-TUN.
    • released on (4 years ago)
  15. "WHITE" is a musical single of CNBLUE.
    • released on
  16. "White" is a musical single of Circulation.
    • released on (15 years ago)
  17. "White" is a musical album of Pumice.
    • released in (14 years ago)
  18. "WHITE" is a musical album of Joe Odagiri.
    • released on (9 years ago)
  19. "White" is a musical album of White.
    • released on (9 years ago)
  20. "White" is a musical EP of Peter Valentine.
    • released in (20 years ago)


  1. White is a city in Bartow County, Georgia, United States. The population was 670 at the 2010 census.
  2. White is a city in Brookings County, South Dakota, United States. The population was 485 at the 2010 census.
  3. WHITE is an Aviation waypoint.

There are other places with in their name, like Bob White, bob-white, White Ash, White Bay, White box, White Oak, White Owl, White Run, White Sea, white-ash, Fort White, Glen White, White Ball, White Bear, White Bird, White Deer, White Hall, White Hill, White Lake.


White a.k.a. White Wine is a wine whose colour can be straw-yellow, yellow-green, or yellow-gold coloured.

  • also known as Alcoholic beverage, wine, table, white
  • more generic: Wine

There are other foods with White in their name, like Egg white, egg-white, White hot, white-hot, White aval, White Hart, White rice, White sage, White bread, White Cross, White horse, White sauce, White sugar, White-Bread, white-cross, White nettle, White pudding, white-mustard, Dry White Wine.


  1. White horses are born white and stay white throughout their life. White horses may have brown, blue, or hazel eyes. "True white" horses, especially those that carry one of the dominant white genes, are rare. Most horses that are commonly referred to as "white" are actually "gray" horses whose hair coats are completely white.
  2. White is a breed coloring.
  3. White Gene, abbreviated w, was the first sex-linked mutation ever discovered in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. In 1910 Thomas Hunt Morgan and Lilian Vaughan Morgan collected a single male white-eyed mutant from a population of Drosophila melanogaster fruit flies, which usually have dark brick red eyes. Upon crossing this male with wild-type female flies, they found that the offspring did not conform to the expectations of Mendelian inheritance. The first generation produced 1,237 red-eyed offspring and three white-eyed flies, all males. The second generation produced 2,459 red-eyed females, 1,011 red-eyed males, and 782 white-eyed males. Further experimental crosses led them to the conclusion that this mutation was somehow physically connected to the "factor" that determined gender in Drosophila. Morgan named this trait white gene, now abbreviated w. Flies carrying the white allele/ white gene are frequently used to introduce high school and college students to genetics. The protein coded by white functions as an ATP-binding cassette transporter.
  4. White is a lunar impact crater. It lies on the far side of the Moon from the Earth, to the southwest of the huge walled plain Apollo. About one crater diameter to the south-southwest is the small crater Hendrix.
    • also known as وایت
  5. White a.k.a. Abcg1 is a protein.
  6. White is a 2011 off-Broadway theater production of a play by Andy Manley.
    • award: - Drama Desk Award for Unique Theatrical Experience

Phrases with White

Phrases starting with the word White:

  1. white ant
  2. white ash
  3. White Bat
  4. White box
  5. White Boy
  6. White Cap
  7. White Eel
  8. white elm
  9. white fir
  10. white fox
  11. White hat
  12. white leg
  13. white lie
  14. white man
  15. white oak
  16. white out
  17. White Owl

Phrases ending with the word White:

  1. egg white
  2. egg-white
  3. off-white

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Printed dictionaries and other books with definitions for White

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Google previewPromoting Cultural Sensitivity in Supervision (2017)

A Manual for Practitioners by Kenneth V. Hardy, Toby Bobes

Being White means stepping on and over people and never having to say you are sorry. Being White means choosing to not see or acknowledge People of Color on a daily basis no matter what relationship you have with them. Being White ...

Google previewHealing the Racial Divide (2014)

A Catholic Racial Justice Framework Inspired by Dr. Arthur Falls by Lincoln Rice

experience “racial prejudice, discrimination, rejection, and hostility” and being white means that one will experience “the presumption of dominance and entitlement . . . [and being] the measure of normativity.”3 For those who think that racism ...

Google previewWhite Hmong-English Dictionary (1979)

by Ernest E. Heimbach

qe white hli yolk nkaub ...

Google previewCultural Encyclopedia of the Breast (2014)

by Merril D. Smith

The constructed definitions of race include ethnicity and biology markers in which indi- viduals are segregated according to race groups that comprise, but are not limited to, white, black, brown, and Asian. Cultural researchers assert that ...

Google previewHugh Johnson's Pocket Encyclopedia of Wine 2001 (2010)

by Hugh Johnson

Oysters Raw White (++++++): NV Champagne, Chablis Premier Cru, Muscadet, white Graves, Sancerre or Guinness. Cooked Puligny-Montrachet, or good New World Chardonnay. Champagne is good with both.

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Usage statistics about white

The following statistics are based on the British National Corpus, so they are representative for the British English from the later part of the 20th century, both spoken and written.

Usage statistics for the adjective white:

spoken English38.04%written English61.96% conversational speech68.9%task-oriented speech31.1% imaginative writing68.6%informational writing31.4%

Distribution of usage frequency for the most common synonyms of the noun white:


Comparison of usage frequency between the noun white and its most common antonym:


Distribution of usage frequency for the most common synonyms of the adjective white:


Comparison of usage frequency between the adjective white and its most common antonym:


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Small photo of Casual asian woman isolated on white backgroundSmall photo of African-American Businessman isolated on white backgroundSmall photo of pastel white backgroundSmall photo of White rustic wood wall texture backgroundSmall photo of White natural wood wall texture and background seamlessSmall photo of wood, whiteSmall photo of Close Up White Paper Texture More...

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Quotes about White

Some white people hate black people, and some white people love black people, some black people hate white people, and some black people love white people. So you see it's not an issue of black and white, it's an issue of Lovers and Haters. (Eden Ahbez)
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Scrabble value of W4H4I1T1E1

The value of this 5-letter word is 11 points. It is included in the first and second editions of the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary.

Anagrams of WHITE

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