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The following statistics are based on the British National Corpus, so they are representative for the British English.

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Sea is sometimes a misspelling of noisy or seem.

The word sea is considered to be an easy one, according to the Dale-Chall word list, which includes 3000 words that all fourth-grade American students should know and understand.

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Definition of the noun sea

What does sea mean as a name of something?

Sea is one of the top 1000 most common nouns in the English language.

noun - plural: seas

  1. a division of an ocean or a large body of salt water partially enclosed by land
    • lexical domain: Natural Objects - nouns denoting natural objects (not man-made)
    • more generic terms: body of water / water = the part of the earth's surface covered with water
    • more specific term: South Sea = any sea to the south of the equator
    • instances:
      • Adriatic Sea / Adriatic = an arm of the Mediterranean between Slovenia and Croatia and Montenegro and Albania on the east and Italy on the west
      • Aegean Sea / Aegean = an arm of the Mediterranean between Greece and Turkey
      • Arabian Sea = a northwestern arm of the Indian Ocean between India and Arabia
      • Arafura Sea = a part of the western Pacific Ocean to the north of Australia and to the south of New Guinea and the eastern islands of Indonesia
      • Baffin Bay = a body of water between Greenland and northeastern Canada; connected with the Arctic Ocean to the north and with the Atlantic Ocean (via the Labrador Sea) to the south
      • Baltic Sea / Baltic = a sea in northern Europe
      • Barents Sea = the part of the Arctic Ocean to the north of Norway and Russia
      • Beaufort Sea = part of the Arctic Ocean to the northeast of Alaska
      • Bering Sea = part of the North Pacific between Alaska and Siberia
      • Bismarck Sea = an arm of the South Pacific to the southwest of the Bismarck Archipelago
      • Euxine Sea / Black Sea = a sea between Europe and Asia
      • Caribbean Sea / Caribbean = an arm of the Atlantic Ocean between North and South America
      • Chukchi Sea = part of the Arctic Ocean just to the north of the Bering Strait
      • Coral Sea = an arm of the South Pacific to the northeast of Australia
      • East China Sea = part of the Pacific Ocean near eastern Asia
      • Greenland Sea = part of the Arctic Ocean to the north of Iceland
      • Hudson Bay = an inland sea in northern Canada
      • Inland Sea = an arm of the Pacific Ocean in southern Japan; surrounded by the islands of Honshu and Shikoku and Kyushu and linked to the Sea of Japan by a narrow channel
      • Ionian Sea = an arm of the Mediterranean Sea between western Greece and southern Italy
      • Irish Sea = an arm of the North Atlantic between Great Britain and Ireland
      • Kara Sea = part of the Arctic Ocean to the north of Siberia and to the east of the Barents Sea
      • Labrador Sea = an arm of the northern Atlantic between Labrador and southern Greenland
      • Laptev Sea = part of the Arctic Ocean to the north of Siberia (between the Taimyr Peninsula and the New Siberian Islands) that is icebound most of the year
      • Ligurian Sea = an arm of the Mediterranean between northwest Italy and Corsica
      • Marmara Denizi / Sea of Marmara / Sea of Marmora / Marmara / Marmora = an inland sea in northwestern Turkey
      • Mediterranean Sea / Mediterranean = the largest inland sea
      • North Sea = an arm of the North Atlantic between the British Isles and Scandinavia
      • Norwegian Sea = the part of the Atlantic that lies off the Norwegian coast to the north of the North Sea
      • Red Sea = a long arm of the Indian Ocean between northeast Africa and Arabia
      • Ross Sea = an arm of the southern Pacific Ocean in Antarctica
      • Sargasso Sea = a vast area of the North Atlantic from the West Indies to the Azores that is dense with gulfweed
      • Sea of Japan / East Sea = an arm of the Pacific bordered by Japan, Korea, North Korea, and Russia
      • Sea of Okhotsk = an arm of the Pacific to the east of Asia
      • South China Sea / East Sear = a tropical arm of the Pacific Ocean near southeastern Asia subject to frequent typhoons
      • Tasman Sea = an arm of the southern Pacific Ocean between southeastern Australia and New Zealand
      • Timor Sea = an arm of the eastern Indian Ocean between Timor and northern Australia
      • Tyrrhenian Sea = an arm of the Mediterranean between Italy and the islands of Corsica and Sardinia and Sicily
      • Weddell Sea = an arm of the south Atlantic in Antarctica to the east of the Antarctic Peninsula
      • Yellow Sea / Huang Hai = part of the Pacific off the east coast of Asia
    • part of: hydrosphere = the watery layer of the earth's surface
    • parts:
      • embayment / bay = an indentation of a shoreline larger than a cove but smaller than a gulf
      • gulf = an arm of a sea or ocean partly enclosed by land
      • recess / inlet = an arm off of a larger body of water
  2. anything apparently limitless in quantity or volume
  3. turbulent water with swells of considerable size
    • example: heavy seas
    • lexical domain: Natural Phenomena - nouns denoting natural phenomena
    • more generic term: turbulent flow = flow in which the velocity at any point varies erratically
    • more specific term: head sea = a sea in which the waves are running directly against the course of the ship

Other definitions of sea

What does sea also mean?


  1. Southeast Asia


Who is Sea?

Sea a.k.a. Bada is a South Korean singer and musical actress. Her birth name is Choi Sung-hee. Bada studied theater at Dankook University. The former lead vocal of the now-defunct S.E.S., Bada has released four solo albums and three singles. She won Best Actress at the 3rd The Musical Awards and has starred in nine musicals to date.

  • read more about Bada


Sea a.k.a. Sunshine Express Airlines is an air charter company that previously operated as an airline serving many regional destinations on the East Coast of Australia; from Hervey Bay to Port Macquarie. It is one of the major employers at the airport. Its head office is in Sunshine Coast Airport, Mudjimba.


"Sea" a.k.a. "The Sea", is a 2002 Icelandic film, directed by Baltasar Kormákur. The film tells the story of a wealthy Icelandic family, owners of a fish industry company in a small Icelandic coastal town, and various family issues they have to deal with.


  1. "Sea" EP is the second EP from Doves. It was self-released on the band's Casino Records label on 24 May 1999 on limited CD and 10" vinyl. The band dedicated the EP to Rob Gretton, who helped fund Doves' early releases as well as when the band played as Sub Sub. Rob died of a heart attack only a few days before the EP was released. In the music video for "Sea Song," the opening title card reads "For Rob.
  2. "SEA" is a musical album of Croc Shop.
    • released in (12 years ago)
  3. "Sea" is an album by Jorge Drexler.
    • released in (15 years ago)
    • award: - Latin Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Album nomination for Jorge Drexler
  4. "Sea" is a musical single of Roosevelt.
    • released on
  5. "Sea" is a musical album of Mirella Murray & Tóla Custy.
    • released in
  6. "Sea" is a musical album of Last Days.
    • released on (9 years ago)
  7. "Sea" is a musical album of Kitahara, Aiko.
    • released on (9 years ago)
  8. "Sea" is a composition.
  9. "Sea" is a composition.
  10. "Sea" is a musical album of James Blundell.


Sea a.k.a. Seattle–Tacoma International Airport, also known as Sea–Tac Airport or Sea–Tac, is an American airport. It is located in SeaTac, Washington, at the intersections of State Routes 99, 509, and 518, about 1.5 miles west of Interstate 5. It serves the cities of Seattle and Tacoma, as well as the rest of Western Washington.


  1. The sea, the world ocean, or simply the ocean, is the connected body of salty water that covers 70.8 % of the Earth's surface. The sea moderates the Earth's climate and has important roles in the water cycle, carbon cycle, and nitrogen cycle. Although the sea has been travelled and explored since prehistory, the modern scientific study of the sea—oceanography—dates broadly to the British Challenger expedition of the 1870s. The sea is conventionally divided into four or five large sections, such as the Pacific, called oceans while smaller sections, such as the Mediterranean, are known as seas.
    • also known as Svetovni ocean, Ocean
  2. Sea a.k.a. The Seattle Seahawks are a professional American football franchise based in Seattle, Washington. They are members of the National Football League and the current Super Bowl champions. They are members of the NFC West division of the National Football Conference. The Seahawks joined the NFL in 1976 as an expansion team along with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Seattle Seahawks have no relation to the defunct Miami Seahawks of the All-America Football Conference.
    • also known as Đội bóng bầu dục Seattle Seahawks, เหยี่ยวทะเล, ซีแอตเทิ่ล ซีฮอว์ค, ซีแอตเทิ่ล ซีฮอกส์, ซีแอตเทิ่ล ซีฮอว์กส์, ซีแอตเทิล ซีฮอว์กส์, ซีแอตเทิล ซีฮอว์คส, ซีแอตเติ้ล ซีฮอว์กส์, ซีแอตเติ้ล ซีฮอว์กส, ซีแอตเติล ซีฮอว์คส, ซีแอตเติล ซีฮอว์คส์, ซีแอตเติล ซีฮอว์กส์, ซีแอตเติล ซีฮอว์ก, ซีฮอว์คส, ซีฮอว์ค, ซีฮอว์กส์, ซีฮอกส์, ซีฮอว์ก, 西雅图海鹰
    • some of the nominations and awards:
        • nominated to Best Upset ESPY Award (Seahawks upset Saints, NFL Wild Card Playoffs)
        • nominated to Outstanding Team ESPY Award
        • Outstanding Team ESPY Award
    • official website:
  3. Sea a.k.a. The Seattle Storm is a professional basketball team based in Seattle, Washington, playing in the Western Conference in the Women's National Basketball Association. The team was founded before the 2000 season began. The team is owned by Force 10 Hoops LLC, which is composed of three Seattle businesswomen: Dawn Trudeau, Lisa Brummel, and Ginny Gilder.
    • also known as 西雅圖風暴
  4. Sea is an advertising campaign launched by Diageo in 2007 to promote Smirnoff brand vodka. It centres on a 60-second commercial created by JWT, which premiered on 17 August 2007 in showings of The Bourne Ultimatum at select cinemas across the United Kingdom. Various tie-ins were launched, including the "Smirnoff Purifier", an online game, point of sale "Smirnoff purity kits", and a tour of a custom-built "Smirnoff Purification Installation" used to make potable samples of water taken from saline or otherwise undrinkable water at selected sites. In all, the campaign cost £5,000,000 to create, making it the largest campaign ever taken on by Diageo for its Smirnoff brand.
  5. The Sea or the Water is an area of the sky in which many water-related, and few land-related, constellations occur. This may be because the Sun passed through this part of the sky during the rainy season.
  6. Sea a.k.a. Semai Language: Semai is a Mon–Khmer language of Western Malaysia spoken by about 44,000 Semai people. It is perhaps the only Aslian language which is not endangered, and even has 2,000 monolingual speakers.
    • also known as Central "Sakai", Sengoi, Senoi
  7. Sea is a TV spot.

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Google previewThe Climate of the Mediterranean Region (2012)

From the Past to the Future by Piero Lionello

The Mediterranean Sea is a marginal sea, surrounded by lands and complex mountains. There are various subbasins with shallow and narrow straits. Oceanic processes at different spatiotemporal scales, all together, participate in the ...

Google previewThe Works of John Locke (1801)

by John Locke

The sea is a great collection of waters in the deep valleys of the earth. If the earth were all plain,

Google previewThe Cinema of James Cameron (2014)

Bodies in Heroic Motion by James Clarke

The sea is a wilderness, outside of the conscious forces of human culture. Suffice to say, the wilderness contains its own...

The tradition of paintings in which the sea is the subject is deep and wide. One has only to think of Winslow Homer's ...

Google previewThe Era of Global Transition (2012)

Crises and Opportunities in the New World by R. Davies

Naval investment receives more than a third of the official military budget in China, and the South China Sea is the main...

Google previewThe Strait of Magellan (1989)

by Michael A. Morris

While the Argentine Sea is a symbol of potential national greatness, it also dramatizes national failures.

Google previewEncyclopedia of American Literature of the Sea and Great Lakes (2001)

by Jill B. Gidmark

Introduction Only the sea is like a human being; the sky is not, nor the earth. But the sea is always moving; always something deep in itself is stirring it. It never rests; it is always wanting, wanting, wanting. — Olive Schreiner, The Story of an ...

Google previewA Political and Economic Dictionary of East Asia (2005)

by James Hoare, Susan Pares

The 'East Sea' and 'Sea of Japan' are names used for the stretch of water that lies between the east coast of the...

Google previewHistorical Dictionary of Kazakhstan (2012)

by Didar Kassymova, Zhanat Kundakbayeva, Ustina Markus

CASPIAN SEA. The Caspian Sea is the largest enclosed water reservoir in Kazakhstan and an asset to the country because of its oil and gas deposits, its unique flora and fauna, and its role in balancing the climate and environment. While a ...

Google previewDictionary for Air Travel and Tourism Activities: Over 7,100 Terms on Airlines (2008)

by Homero E. Martinez

The connection of Asia with Africa is broken by the Suez Canal between the Mediterranean Sea ...

Google previewHistorical Dictionary of the Inuit (2013)

by Pamela R. Stern

SEA WOMAN MYTH. The Sea Woman is a principal figure of traditional Inuit cosmology. Known by several names, including nuliajuk (“the lecher- ous one”), sedna (“the one down there”), niqilik (“there is food”), and arngnaluk (“the big, bad ...

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Star of the sea
Your home is the sea
On the bottom of the sea
You live
Let me tell you something
If the sea did not existed
None of you would be around
God bless you
Star of the sea (Aldo Kraas)
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