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Rock appears in the following tongue twisters:

  • Black Rock Brain Lock
  • Real rock wall, real rock wall, real rock wall
  • Round and round the rugged rock the ragged rascal ran.

Rock appears in the following palindromes (phrases that read the same backward as forward):

  • So attack KC or rock KC at Taos.
  • Play my rock cartel title track, Cory: "My Alp".
  • Wont serotonin K.C. ordered rock Nino to rest now?
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The following statistics are based on the British National Corpus, so they are representative for the British English.

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Rock is sometimes a misspelling of woke.

The word rock is considered to be an easy one, according to the Dale-Chall word list, which includes 3000 words that all fourth-grade American students should know and understand.

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Definition of the noun rock

What does rock mean as a name of something?

Rock is one of the top 1000 most common nouns in the English language.

noun - plural: rocks

  1. a lump or mass of hard consolidated mineral matter
    • example: he threw a rock at me
    • lexical domain: Natural Objects - nouns denoting natural objects (not man-made)
    • synonym of rock: stone
    • more generic term: natural object = an object occurring naturally
    • more specific terms:
      • achondrite = a stony meteor lacking chondrules
      • bedrock = solid unweathered rock lying beneath surface deposits of soil
      • boulder / bowlder = a large smooth mass of rock detached from its place of origin
      • concretion / calculus = a hard lump produced by the concretion of mineral salts
      • chondrite = a rock of meteoric origin containing chondrules
      • clastic rock = a rock composed of broken pieces of older rocks
      • crystallization / crystal = a rock formed by the solidification of a substance; has regularly repeating internal structure
      • intrusion = rock produced by an intrusive process
      • rock outcrop / outcropping / outcrop = the part of a rock formation that appears above the surface of the surrounding land
      • pebble = a small smooth rounded rock
      • petrifaction = a rock created by petrifaction
      • sill = a flat (usually horizontal) mass of igneous rock between two layers of older sedimentary rock
      • stepping stone = a stone in a marsh or shallow water that can be stepped on in crossing
      • tor = a prominent rock or pile of rocks on a hill
      • wall rock = a rock immediately adjacent to a vein or fault
      • whinstone / whin = any of various hard colored rocks
      • xenolith = a piece of rock of different origin from the igneous rock in which it is embedded
  2. material consisting of the aggregate of minerals like those making up the Earth's crust
    • example: that mountain is solid rock
    • lexical domain: Substances - nouns denoting substances
    • synonym of rock: stone
    • more generic words: material / stuff = the tangible substance that goes into the makeup of a physical object
    • more specific terms:
      • quartzite = hard metamorphic rock consisting essentially of interlocking quartz crystals
      • road metal = broken rock used for repairing or making roads
      • sedimentary rock = rock formed from consolidated clay sediments
      • sial = the granitelike rocks that form the outermost layer of the earth's crust
      • sima = rock that form the continuous lower layer of the earth's crust
      • metamorphic rock = rock altered by pressure and heat
      • crushed rock / gravel = rock fragments and pebbles
      • caliche = nitrate-bearing rock or gravel of the sodium nitrate deposits of Chile and Peru
      • shingling = sediment in which flat pebbles are uniformly tilted in the same direction
      • pumice stone / pumice = a light glass formed on the surface of some lavas
      • aphanite = fine-grained homogeneous rock (such as basalt) containing minerals undetectable by the naked eye
      • claystone = fine-grained rock consisting of compacted clay particles
      • dolomite = a kind of sedimentary rock resembling marble or limestone but rich in magnesium carbonate
      • emery stone / emery rock = a mixture of emery dust and a binder
      • pudding stone / conglomerate = a composite rock made up of particles of varying size
      • fieldstone = stone that occurs naturally in fields
      • greisen = a granitic rock composed of quartz and mica
      • calc-tufa / tufa = a soft porous rock consisting of calcium carbonate deposited from springs rich in lime
      • magma = molten rock in the earth's crust
      • igneous rock = rock formed by the solidification of molten magma
      • limestone = a sedimentary rock consisting mainly of calcium that was deposited by the remains of marine animals
      • marble = a hard crystalline metamorphic rock that takes a high polish
      • matrix = a mass of fine-grained rock in which fossils, crystals, or gems are embedded
    • substance: mineral = solid homogeneous inorganic substances occurring in nature having a definite chemical composition
  3. United States gynecologist and devout Catholic who conducted the first clinical trials of the oral contraceptive pill (1890-1984)
  4. (figurative) someone who is strong and stable and dependable
    • examples: he was her rock during the crisis | Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church
    • lexical domain: People - nouns denoting people
    • more generic term: good person = a person who is good to other people
  5. hard bright-colored stick candy (typically flavored with peppermint)
    • lexical domain: Foods & Drinks - nouns denoting foods and drinks
    • synonym of rock: rock candy
    • more generic words: candy / confect = a rich sweet made of flavored sugar and often combined with fruit or nuts
  6. a genre of popular music originating in the 1950s; a blend of black rhythm-and-blues with white country-and-western
  7. pitching dangerously to one side

Alternative definition of the noun rock


  1. [uncountable] The naturally occurring aggregate of solid mineral matter that constitutes a significant part of the earth's crust.
  2. A mass of stone projecting out of the ground or water.
  3. A boulder or large stone.
  4. A large hill or island having no vegetation.
    • [figuratively] Something that is strong, stable, and dependable; a person who provides security or support to another.
    • [geology] Any natural material with a distinctive composition of minerals.
      • [slang] A precious stone or gem, especially a diamond.
      • A lump or cube of ice.
      • [British, uncountable] A type of confectionery made from sugar in the shape of a stick, traditionally having some text running through its length.
        • [US, slang] A crystalized lump of crack cocaine.
        • [US, slang] An unintelligent person, especially one who repeats mistakes.
          • [context: South Africa, slang, derogatory] An Afrikaner.
          • [US, slang] In poker, an extremely conservative player who is willing to play only the very strongest hands.
          • An act of rocking.
            • A style of music characterized by basic drum-beat, generally 4/4 riffs, based on (usually electric) guitar, bass guitar, drums, and vocals.
              • [countable] distaff
              • [uncountable] The flax or wool on a distaff.

                Specialised definition of the noun rock

                Glossary of sports / basketball

                the ball, especially in the phrase shoot the rock (2005. Chambers Sports Factfinder. Chambers Harrap Publishers Ltd)

                • usage: slang

                Glossary of sports / curling

                the curling stone

                Glossary of sports / darts

                a short dart; speed dart

                Definition of the verb rock

                What does rock mean as a doing word?

                verb - inflections: rocked | rocking | rocks

                1. move back and forth or sideways
                2. cause to move back and forth
                  • examples: rock the cradle | rock the baby
                  • lexical domain: Motions - verbs of walking, flying, swimming
                  • synonym of rock: sway
                  • more generic words: displace / move = cause to move or shift into a new position or place, both in a concrete and in an abstract sense


                1. Rock a.k.a. Barack Obama: Barack Hussein Obama II is the 44th and current President of the United States, and the first African American to hold the office. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Obama is a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, where he served as president of the Harvard Law Review. He was a community organizer in Chicago before earning his law degree. He worked as a civil rights attorney and taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School from 1992 to 2004. He served three terms representing the 13th District in the Illinois Senate from 1997 to 2004, running unsuccessfully for the United States House of Representatives in 2000.
                2. Rock a.k.a. Mitch Richmond: Mitchell James "Mitch" Richmond is a retired American professional basketball player in the National Basketball Association. He played collegiately at Moberly Area Community College and Kansas State University. He was a six-time NBA All-Star a five-time All-NBA Team member and a former NBA Rookie of the Year. In 976 NBA games, Richmond averaged 21.0 points per game and 3.5 assists per game. Richmond was voted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2014. His nicknames include "The Rock." His jersey No. 2 was retired in his honor by the Sacramento Kings, for whom he played seven seasons. He was on the cover of the video game NBA Live 97.
                3. Rock: Jamal Bush, better known by his stage name Rock, is an American rapper, famous as a member of hip hop collective Boot Camp Clik and the duo Heltah Skeltah along with Ruck. He is known for his deep, grimy voice and having a sophisticated and rugged flow. After releasing two albums with Heltah Skeltah, Nocturnal and Magnum Force, Rock left Duck Down Records and pursued a solo career. He signed to DJ Lethal's Lethal Records and recorded a solo album titled Planet Rock, which was never released after the label folded. He didn't make an appearance on the Clik's 2002 group album The Chosen Few, being the only member of the "Great 8" not to appear. He made his official return to Duck Down in 2005, making appearances on Sean Price's Monkey Barz album and Smif-N-Wessun's Smif 'N' Wessun: Reloaded album. He's performed songs for a variety of video games including "I Am Rock" for Need for Speed: Most Wanted, "This Is Me" for Blitz The League II and "I Am Rock" for NFL Street 2. He and the Boot Camp released their third group album, The Last Stand, on July 18, 2006.
                  • also known as Jamal Bush, The Rockness Monstah, Jahmal Bush
                  • born on (40 years ago)
                  • profession: Rapper
                  • member of musical groups:
                  • genre: Hip hop music
                  • album: "Shell Shock"
                4. Rock a.k.a. Richard Lee Jackson is an American actor and musician.
                5. Rock a.k.a. Rocco is an actor and a film producer, director and score composer.
                6. Rock is an actor.
                7. Rock a.k.a. Yul 'Rock' Brynner II: Yul 'Rock' Brynner II is a historian, teacher, novelist and actor.

                There are other people with in their name, like Bob Rock, Dr. Rock, Edy Rock, Eka Rock, Jay Rock, Jim Rock, Joe Rock, Kid Rock, Max Rock, meg rock and many others.


                1. Rock a.k.a. L-stadt: L.Stadt is a Polish band, playing rock music with elements of surf rock, country and psychedelic rock. It was founded in Łódź in 2003 and named after the city's name under the Nazi occupation, Litzmannstadt. The band has released two studio albums, L.Stadt and EL.P, and an extended play You Gotta Move.
                2. Rock a.k.a. Vivian is a musical group.
                3. Rock a.k.a. Fiend is a musical group.
                4. Rock a.k.a. DimmZ is a musical group.

                There are other groups with in their name, like Rock's, Ac•Rock, Pop rock, Evil Rock, Fado Rock, Kota-Rock, Lion Rock, Love Rock, Mama Rock, Punk rock, Rock City, Rock Gaià, Rock Hole, Rock Star, Rock!!!!!, Rock'o'Co, šank Rock, Sham Rock, Slop Rock and Alice Rock.


                Rock is a recurrent major character in most of Osamu Tezuka's manga series, and he is an important part of Osamu Tezuka's Star System. As all of Tezuka's main characters he is seen repeatedly in different works but differs as the character with the most various and changing roles from both hero and antihero.


                1. "Rock" a.k.a. "The Rock" is a 1996 action film that primarily takes place on Alcatraz Island and in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was directed by Michael Bay, produced by Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer and stars Sean Connery, Nicolas Cage and Ed Harris. The film is dedicated to Simpson, who died five months before its release. The film received generally favorable reviews from critics and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Sound Mixing at the 69th Academy Awards.
                2. "Rock" a.k.a. "Paarai" is a 2003 Tamil language motion picture directed by K. S. Ravikumar. The music was composed by Sabesh Murali. The film a remake of Malayalam film Mahayanam was released in 13 June 2003.
                3. "Rock" is a 1988 film directed by Alexej Utschitelj.


                1. "Rock" is the third studio album by French nu metal band Pleymo. Released on October 27, 2003, the album sees the band shifting towards a more melodic musical style which is less aggressive than their previous releases. Rock is a concept album about a four-year old blind boy and his imaginary twin.
                  • genre: Nu metal
                  • released in (12 years ago)
                2. "ROCK" is a musical album of SEXY-SYNTHESIZER.
                  • also known as ROCK-SPECIAL EDITION-
                  • released on
                3. "Rock" a.k.a. "Rock!!!!!" is an album released by Violent Femmes in 1995. It was originally released only in Australia, but is now available in the rest of the world. It features cover photography by David LaChapelle. This was the first Violent Femmes album not to chart on the Billboard 200 since 1984's Hallowed Ground.
                4. "Rock" is a 1997 compilation album by Vasco Rossi.
                  • released in (19 years ago)
                5. "Rock" is the second recorded work by the band Casting Pearls.
                6. "ROCK" is a musical album of Kaela Kimura.
                  • released on
                7. "Rock" is a musical album of Surrogat.
                  • released on (15 years ago)
                8. "Rock" is a single by Akon.
                9. "Rock" is a musical album of The Everly Brothers.
                  • released on
                10. "Rock" is a musical album of Clair Obscur.
                  • released in (22 years ago)
                11. "Rock" is a musical album of The Drifters.
                  • released on
                12. "Rock" is a musical album of Shirley & Lee.
                  • released on (7 years ago)
                13. "Rock" is a musical single of AK4711.
                  • released on (10 years ago)
                14. "Rock" a.k.a. "Rock!" is a composition.
                15. "Rock" is a cataloged instance, composition.
                16. "Rock" is a musical album of Fate.
                  • released in (12 years ago)
                17. "Rock" is a musical album of Café con Leche.


                1. Rock is a coastal village in Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. It is opposite Padstow on the northeast bank of the River Camel estuary. The village is in the civil parish of St Minver Lowlands about 4 miles north west of Wadebridge.
                2. Rock is an unincorporated community in Cowley County, Kansas, United States.
                3. Rock is a village and civil parish in the Wyre Forest District of Worcestershire, England, which lies south-west of Bewdley. It had a population of 2,366 in 2001.
                4. Rock is a town in Wood County, Wisconsin, United States. The population was 856 at the 2000 census. The unincorporated communities of Lindsey and Nasonville are located in the town.
                5. Rock is a small village in east County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. The village derives its name from a stone quarry on the site, which operated in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. A Mass Rock exists in Tullyodonnel, half a mile from the village.
                6. Rock a.k.a. Rock, Michigan: Rock is an unincorporated community in Delta County, Michigan, United States. Rock is located in Maple Ridge Township along M-35 and the Canadian National Railway, 16.5 miles north-northwest of Gladstone. Rock has a post office with ZIP code 49880.
                7. Rock is a town in Rock County, Wisconsin, United States. The population was 3,338 at the 2000 census. The unincorporated community of Afton is in the town of Rock.
                8. Rock a.k.a. Rock, West Virginia: Rock is an unincorporated community in Mercer County, West Virginia, United States. Rock is located along West Virginia Route 71 2 miles northeast of Montcalm. Rock has a post office with ZIP code 24747.

                There are other places with in their name, like 30 Rock, Bee Rock, Big Rock, New Rock, Red Rock, Rock Elm, Rock Gap, Rock Gym, Rock Oak, Rock Run, Spy Rock, Two Rock, Alum Rock, Arch Rock, Bell Rock, Blue Rock, Cove Rock, Crow Rock, East Rock.


                Rock is a type of hard stick-shaped boiled sugar confectionery most usually flavoured with peppermint or spearmint. It is commonly sold at tourist resorts in the United Kingdom; in Ireland in seaside towns such as Bray and Strandhill; in Gibraltar; in Denmark in towns such as Løkken and Ebeltoft; and in Sydney and Tasmania, Australia.

                There are other foods with Rock in their name, like Rock cake, Rock salt, Rock!!!!!, Rock candy, Rock tripe, Edinburgh rock, Gibraltar Rock, Nottingham Rock Mild and Nottingham Rock Mild.


                1. Rock was a multithreading, multicore, SPARC microprocessor developed at Sun Microsystems. Now canceled, it was a separate development from the SPARC T-Series family of processors.
                  • also known as Rock processor
                2. Rock was a Yugoslav music magazine, published from 1982 to 1990.
                3. Rock a.k.a. Rock! is a TV program, begun on (6 years ago).
                4. Rock is a cataloged instance, musical recording, canonical version.

                Phrases with Rock

                Phrases starting with the word Rock:

                1. Rock On
                2. Rock Up
                3. rock bit
                4. rock cod
                5. rock elm
                6. rock oil
                7. Rock Out
                8. Rock-Cod

                Phrases ending with the word Rock:

                1. J-Rock
                2. to rock
                3. art rock
                4. Pop rock
                5. The Rock
                6. acid rock
                7. Alum Rock
                8. Folk rock
                9. Folk-rock
                10. Glam rock
                11. Hard rock
                12. john rock

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                Google previewSoil survey (1980)

                by United States Bureau of Chemistry and Soils, United States. Bureau of Plant Industry, United States. Bureau of Plant Industry, Soils, and Agricultural Engineering, United States. Soil Conservation Service, United States. Natural Resources Conservation Service

                Erosion is a hazard, and the depth to rock is a limitation. Terraces and grassed waterways...

                Google previewHow to Design and Build Your Garden Railroad (2006)

                by Jack Verducci

                New England wall rock is a flat, gray stone with rounded edges. Since it does not have a lot of strata, it would...

                The main disadvantage to feather rock is that it is very sharp when freshly quarried or cut. Some of the sharpness erodes with time, ...

                Google previewAnthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History (1921)

                The Rock is a material God whose substance may always be...

                Google previewAnnual Report of the Regents (1898)

                by New York State Museum

                rock is a coarse feldspathic gneiss, that on the north wall being somewhat more quartzose. The rock strikes N. 'S0C E. Near the west end of the main cut is an olivine camptonite dike six feet wide, which cuts across the ore- body. The ore was ...

                Google previewGeology of Orange County [New York] (1895)

                by Heinrich Ries

                rock is a coarse feldspathic gneiss, that on the north wall being somewhat more quartzose. The rock strikes N. 30e E. Near the west end of the main cut is an olivine camptonite dike six feet wide, which cuts across the ore- body. The ore was ...

                Google previewThe Flag Fen Basin (2013)

                Archaeology and environment of a Fenland landscape by Francis Pryor

                The rock is a silicified quartz arenite. Quern 27 Abundant, well rounded, sub- spherical and well sorted sand grains are contained in a continuous spurry calcite (sparite) cement. The sand grains are typically e D.5mm diameter but range from ...

                Google previewThe Geology of New Hampshire (1877)

                A Report Comprising the Results of Explorations Ordered by the Legislature by New Hampshire. Geological Survey, 1868-1878

                In the first outcrop, about three fourths of a mile south of the north line of Northumberland, the rock is a feldspathic quartz schist. On the hill east there are large crystals of feldspar. At Groveton and half a mile west we find a chloritic feldspathic ...

                Google previewMary McCarthy's Theatre Chronicles, 1937–1962 (2013)

                by Mary McCarthy

                The Cradle Will Rock is a kind of well-drilled assault on the feelings and nerves of its audience. What is presented is not so much the workers versus the bosses in Steeltown, U.S.A., as Mr. Blitzstein versus the ticket-holders in the Mercury ...

                Google previewPocket Dictionary of Common Rocks and Rock Minerals (1915)

                by Collier Cobb

                "It is composed of quartz grains, to whose interlocking it is supposed to owe its flexibility; of muscovite, talc, and few other minerals, and has been regarded as the mother rock of the Brazilian diamonds." Jasper (Gr. iaspis, a precious stone of ...

                Google previewEncyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music: Pop, Rock, and Worship (2009)

                Pop, Rock, and Worship by Don Cusic

                Pop, Rock, and Worship Don Cusic. Guide. to. Related. Topics. Preface '' Contemporary Christian music is part of the music business, xi. Biographical Information on Call, The Individual Performers Camp, Steve Adams, Yolanda Candle aka ...

                Google previewThe New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture (2014)

                Volume 12: Music by Bill C. Malone

                Bertrand, Race, Rock, and ...

                Google previewOhio Historic Places Dictionary (2008)

                by Editorial Staff, State History Publications, LLC

                Rock Mill is a representation of the early-19th-century grist milling industry, one of the earliest and most predominant businesses. The complex includes the mill building, dam site, mill race, and man-made features in the sandstone gorge ...

                Google previewContinuum Encyclopedia of Native Art (2003)

                Worldview, Symbolism, and Culture in Africa, Oceania, and North America by Hope B. Werness

                Saharan Rock...

                Google previewEncyclopedia of South Carolina (2000)

                by Nancy Capace

                During the Civil War, Rock Hill became a point of transfer for Confederate troops and military supplies. Only one slight skirmish occurred in the village, when a detachment of Stoneman's cavalry came down from Charlotte to destroy bridges ...

                Google previewDictionary of Plant Breeding, Second Edition (2009)

                by Rolf H. J. Schlegel

                very gently sloping, gently sloping, sloping, flat, strongly sloping, Crop agriculture Parent material Rock type Depth Size classes Flooding Groundwater depth Groundwater quality Color Texture Texture classes Weathering moderately steep, ...

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                Small photo of brown and white rock candy, rock candy, rock sugar on wood stick, crystal sugar on stick, sugar candy, rock candySmall photo of brown and white rock candy, rock candy, rock sugar on wood stick, crystal sugar on stick, sugar candy, rock candySmall photo of brown and white rock candy, rock candy, rock sugar on wood stick, crystal sugar on stick, sugar candy, rock candySmall photo of brown and white rock candy, rock candy, rock sugar on wood stick, crystal sugar on stick, sugar candy, rock candySmall photo of brown and white rock candy, rock candy, rock sugar on wood stick, crystal sugar on stick, sugar candy, rock candySmall photo of brown and white rock candy, rock candy, rock sugar on wood stick, crystal sugar on stick, sugar candy, rock candySmall photo of brown and white rock candy, rock candy, rock sugar on wood stick, crystal sugar on stick, sugar candy, rock candy More...

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                Quotes about Rock

                Rock your body.
                Rock your soul.
                Rock yourself on the floor.
                Like never before.

                Dancing in spotlight.
                Make it Rock N Roll.
                Sing like nobody else.
                Bring out your soul.

                Music is great.
                Music makes you say.
                Music makes you happy.
                Music makes you free. (Yash Pradhan)
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                Scrabble value of R1O1C3K5

                The value of this 4-letter word is 10 points. It is included in the first and second editions of the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary.

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