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Move appears in the following palindromes (phrases that read the same backward as forward):

  • Won’t I move vomit now?
  • Won’t I move to morph to mate lots to let a moth promote vomit now?
  • Won’t I move to mere mossy ale, Del, as ale delays some remote vomit now?
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Usage statistics for the verb move:

spoken English54.9%written English45.1% conversational speech40.18%task-oriented speech59.82% imaginative writing65.02%informational writing34.98%
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Move is sometimes a misspelling of moved or moving.

The word move is considered to be an easy one, according to the Dale-Chall word list, which includes 3000 words that all fourth-grade American students should know and understand.

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Definition of the noun move

What does move mean as a name of something?

Move is one of the top 1000 most common nouns in the English language.

noun - plural: moves

  1. the act of deciding to do something
  2. the act of changing your residence or place of business
    • example: they say that three moves equal one fire
    • lexical domain: Acts - nouns denoting acts or actions
    • synonym of move: relocation
    • more generic word: change = the action of changing something
    • more specific words:
      • flit = a secret move
      • overspill = the relocation of people from overcrowded cities
  3. a change of position that does not entail a change of location
  4. the act of changing location from one place to another
  5. (game) a player's turn to take some action permitted by the rules of the game
    • domain: game
    • lexical domain: Acts - nouns denoting acts or actions
    • more generic words: play / turn = the activity of doing something in an agreed succession
    • more specific term: chess move = the act of moving a chess piece

Alternative definition of the noun move


  1. The act of moving; a movement.
    • An act for the attainment of an object; a step in the execution of a plan or purpose.
    • A formalized or practiced action used in athletics, dance, physical exercise, self-defense, hand-to-hand combat, etc.
    • The event of changing one's residence.
    • A change in strategy.
    • [context: board games] The act of moving a token on a gameboard from one position to another according to the rules of the game.

    Definition of the verb move

    What does move mean as a doing word?

    Move is one of the top 50 most common verbs in the English language.View more statistics!

    verb - inflections: moved | moving | moves

    1. change location; move, travel, or proceed, also metaphorically
      • examples: The soldiers moved towards the city in an attempt to take it before night fell | The cars move down the avenue
      • syntax:
        Syntactic formulaExample for the syntactic formulaVerbs with the same syntax
        [Agent - intentional control] [Verb] [Theme]Bill rolled the ballVerbs of Motion: bounce, coil, drift, drop, float, glide, revolve, roll, rotate, slide, snake, soar, spin, spiral, swing, turn, twirl, twist, undulate, whirl, wind
        [Agent - intentional control] [Verb] [Theme] [Adjective]Bill rolled the drawer open | He rode her seasick | He skated Penny exhausted | Tom walked the dog exhausted
        [Agent - intentional control] [Verb] [Theme] to / into [Oblique, state]Bill rolled the drawer to an open position | He rode her to sickness | He skated Penny to exhaustion | Tom walked the dog to exhaustion
        [Agent - intentional control] [Verb] [Theme] [Path Preposition] [Location]Bill rolled the ball down the hill
        [Theme - concrete object] [Verb]Claire skated | The ball rolled | They waltzed
        [Theme - concrete object] [Verb] [Adjective]The drawer rolled open
        [Theme - concrete object] [Verb] to / into [Oblique, state]The drawer rolled to an open position
        [Theme - concrete object] [Verb] [Spatial Preposition] [Location]The ball rolled down the hill
        [Agent - intentional control] [Verb] [Theme]Carla slid the booksVerbs of Sending and Carrying: scoot
        [Agent - intentional control] [Verb] [Theme] to [Destination]Carla slid the books to the floor
        [Agent - intentional control] [Verb] [Theme] [Path Preposition, except: at / to / towards / for ] [Source]Carla slid the books across the table
        [Agent - intentional control] [Verb] [Theme] from / out / out of / off / off of [Source] to [Destination]Carla slid the books from one end of the table to the other
        [Theme - concrete object] [Verb]The books slid
        [Theme - concrete object] [Verb] to [Destination]The books slid to the floor
        [Theme - concrete object] [Verb] [Path Preposition, except: at / to / towards / for ] [Source]The books slid from the table
        [Theme - concrete object] [Verb] from / out / out of / off / off of [Source] to [Destination]The books slid from the table to the floor
      • lexical domain: Motions - verbs of walking, flying, swimming
      • synonyms of move: go / locomote / travel
      • more specific terms:
    2. cause to move or shift into a new position or place, both in a concrete and in an abstract sense
    3. move so as to change position, perform a nontranslational motion
    4. change residence, affiliation, or place of employment
      • examples: We moved from Idaho to Nebraska | The basketball player moved from one team to another | Sam and Sue move
      • lexical domain: Motions - verbs of walking, flying, swimming
      • antonym: stay
      • more specific terms:
        • relocate = become established in a new location
        • move in = move into a new house or office
        • move out = move out of one's old house or office
        • evacuate = move out of an unsafe location into safety
        • transmigrate / migrate = move from one country or region to another and settle there
        • migrate = move periodically or seasonally
    5. follow a procedure or take a course
      • lexical domain: Activities - verbs of political and social activities and events
      • synonyms of move: go / proceed
      • more generic word: act = perform an action, or work out or perform
      • more specific words:
        • work = proceed towards a goal or along a path or through an activity
        • venture / embark = proceed somewhere despite the risk of possible dangers
        • steamroller / steamroll = proceed with great force
    6. be in a state of action
      • syntax:
        Syntactic formulaExample for the syntactic formula
        [Agent - intentional control] [Verb] [Theme]Carla slid the books
        [Agent - intentional control] [Verb] [Theme] to [Destination]Carla slid the books to the floor
        [Agent - intentional control] [Verb] [Theme] [Path Preposition, except: at / to / towards / for ] [Source]Carla slid the books across the table
        [Agent - intentional control] [Verb] [Theme] from / out / out of / off / off of [Source] to [Destination]Carla slid the books from one end of the table to the other
        [Theme - concrete object] [Verb]The books slid
        [Theme - concrete object] [Verb] to [Destination]The books slid to the floor
        [Theme - concrete object] [Verb] [Path Preposition, except: at / to / towards / for ] [Source]The books slid from the table
        [Theme - concrete object] [Verb] from / out / out of / off / off of [Source] to [Destination]The books slid from the table to the floor

        Verbs of Sending and Carrying (with the same syntax): scoot.

      • lexical domain: Body Actions - verbs of grooming, dressing and bodily care
      • synonym of move: be active
      • more specific words: bestir / rouse = become active
    7. go or proceed from one point to another
      • example: the debate moved from family values to the economy
      • lexical domain: Change - verbs of size, temperature change, intensifying, etc.
      • more generic words: alter / change / vary = become different in some particular way, without permanently losing one's or its former characteristics or essence
      • more specific words:
        • step = move or proceed as if by steps into a new situation
        • scroll = move through text or graphics in order to display parts that do not fit on the screen
        • lapse / pass / sink = pass into a specified state or condition
    8. perform an action, or work out or perform (an action)
    9. have an emotional or cognitive impact upon
    10. give an incentive for action
      • examples: This moved me to sacrifice my career | They move him to write the letter
      • lexical domain: Creation - verbs of sewing, baking, painting, performing
      • synonyms of move: actuate / incite / motivate / prompt / propel
      • more generic words: cause / do / make = give rise to
    11. arouse sympathy or compassion in
      • example: Her fate moved us all
      • syntax: the same syntax as for the sense 9
      • lexical domain: Emotions - verbs of feeling
      • more generic words: affect / impress / strike = have an emotional or cognitive impact upon
    12. dispose of by selling
      • example: The chairman of the company told the salesmen to move the computers
      • lexical domain: Possession - verbs of buying, selling, owning
      • more generic word: sell = exchange or deliver for money or its equivalent
    13. progress by being changed
      • lexical domain: Change - verbs of size, temperature change, intensifying, etc.
      • synonyms of move: go / run
      • more generic word: change = undergo a change; become different in essence
    14. live one's life in a specified environment
      • example: she moves in certain circles only
      • lexical domain: Activities - verbs of political and social activities and events
      • more generic word: live = lead a certain kind of life
    15. have a turn; make one's move in a game
      • example: Sam and Sue move
      • lexical domain: Competition - verbs of fighting, athletic activities
      • synonym of move: go
      • more specific terms:
        • bluff out / bluff = deceive an opponent by a bold bet on an inferior hand with the result that the opponent withdraws a winning hand
        • stalemate = subject to a stalemate
        • castle = move the king two squares toward a rook and in the same move the rook to the square next past the king
        • serve = put the ball into play
        • open = make the opening move
        • cast / draw = choose at random
        • trump / ruff = play a trump
        • manoeuver / manoeuvre / maneuver / operate = perform a movement in military or naval tactics in order to secure an advantage in attack or defense
        • check = decline to initiate betting
      • entailment: play = participate in games or sport
    16. propose formally; in a debate or parliamentary meeting

    Alternative definition of the verb move


    1. [intransitive] To change place or posture; to stir; to go, in any manner, from one place or position to another
    2. [intransitive] To act; to take action; to stir; to begin to act; as, to move in a matter.
    3. [intransitive] To change residence; to remove, as from one house, town, or state, to another; to go and live at another place. See also move out and move in
    4. [intransitive, chess, and other games] To change the place of a piece in accordance with the rules of the game.
    5. [transitive, ergative] To cause to change place or posture in any manner; to set in motion; to carry, convey, draw, or push from one place to another; to impel; to stir
    6. [transitive, chess] To transfer (a piece or man) from one space or position to another, according to the rules of the game; as, to move a king.
    7. [transitive] To excite to action by the presentation of motives; to rouse by representation, persuasion, or appeal; to influence.
    8. [transitive] To arouse the feelings or passions of; especially, to excite to tenderness or compassion, to excite, as an emotion.
    9. [transitive] To propose; to recommend; specifically, to propose formally for consideration and determination, in a deliberative assembly; to submit, as a resolution to be adopted; as, to move to adjourn.
    10. [transitive, obsolete] To mention; to raise (a question); to suggest (a course of action); to lodge (a complaint).
    11. [transitive, obsolete] To incite, urge (someone to do something); to solicit (someone for or of an issue); to make a proposal to.
    12. [transitive, obsolete] To apply to, as for aid.


    Who is Move?

    Move a.k.a. M.o.v.e: Move was a Japanese electro-dance band. The group consisted of yuri on vocals and motsu performing the rapping. t-kimura left the band in 2008.


    Move a.k.a. Move Inc.: Move, Inc., is the leader in online real estate and operator of the Move Network of real estate web site for consumers and real estate professionals. The Move Network of websites captures more than 15 million monthly visitors[1] and includes:®,®,, TOP PRODUCER® Systems, ListHub,, Builders Digital Experience,,,,,™, HomeInsight and TigerLead Solutions and Move, Inc. features a mobile real estate experience through its mobile real estate search applications for the iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone 7, and Android. Move, Inc., also powers the real estate experiences on MSN Real Estate and AOL Real Estate.


    "Move" is a book written by Joel Lieber.

    • also known as "Move!", Move!


    1. "Move" is a 1970 comedy film starring Elliott Gould, Paula Prentiss and Geneviève Waïte, and directed by Stuart Rosenberg. The screenplay was written by Joel Lieber and Stanley Hart, adapted from a novel by Lieber.
    2. "Move" is a Documentary Film Directed by Kurt E. Soderling and Melinda Songer.


    1. "Move" is a song by British girl group Little Mix. It was released as the lead single from their second studio album, Salute. It was co-written by the group with Maegan Cottone and Nathan Duvall, and produced by the latter. Sonically, the song moves away from Little Mix's previous melody-led ventures, featuring more quirky sounds with bass synth and exploring a more mature tone with elements of R&B. The girl band stated that the song is about when a boy on the dance floor is "acting too cool for school" and they would like him to move. The single was made available for pre-ordering on iTunes on the same day as its radio impact without the official single artwork.
    2. "Move" is the tenth studio album by Christian rock band Third Day. Released on October 19, 2010, the album was the band's first after guitarist Brad Avery left Third Day. The band wanted the album to be a departure from the modern rock stylings of Revelation, intending to show more of their southern rock roots. Third Day chose to work with producer Paul Moak on the album and recorded it at their own studio, feeling it offered them more creative freedom. Primarily a southern rock album, Move also has significant influence from gospel music.
    3. "Move" is the second single from Thousand Foot Krutch's third studio album, The Art of Breaking. Although "Move" received less Christian radio play than the first single, "Absolute", it did receive more mainstream radio play than "Absolute"; because of this, "Move" received a music video. "Move" charted at number 16 on the Billboard charts.
    4. "Move" a.k.a. "Move Bitch" is the third official single from rapper Ludacris' album Word of Mouf. The single features Mystikal and I-20. The single reached #10 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it Ludacris's first top ten hit on the chart. It also reached #3 on the Hot Rap Tracks chart and #3 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart.
    5. "Move" is a song by American electronica musician Moby. It was his first release on Mute Records in the UK and on Elektra Records in the U.S. Released in September 1993, it hit number 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart and number 27 on the UK Singles Chart.
      • also known as You Make Me Feel So Good, Move (You Make Me Feel So Good)
      • music and lyrics by Moby
    6. "Move" is a song by Christian rock band MercyMe. Written by MercyMe and Dan Muckala, "Move" is a dance-rock song with a sound similar to that of pop rock band Maroon 5. The theme of the song's lyrics is perseverance through adversity. Released on May 23, 2011 as the third single from MercyMe's 2010 album The Generous Mr. Lovewell, "Move" was received with positive critical reviews, especially for the arrangement of the song. "Move" attained success as a single, peaking atop Billboard magazine's Christian Songs, Hot Christian AC, and Christian AC Indicator charts, as well as at No. 6 on the Billboard Christian CHR chart and No. 20 on the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart.
    7. "Move" is the second single released by American rapper/producer Q-Tip for his album The Renaissance. It samples "Dancing Machine" by The Jackson 5.
    8. "Move" is the fifth full-length studio album CD by progressive metal band Freak Kitchen.
    9. "Move" is a musical album of Mellow Mood.
      • released on (5 years ago)
    10. Move is a song by South Korean girl group 4L. It was released as a single on August 4, 2014 through Jade Contents Media and A&G Modes.
    11. "Move" is the 17th studio album by Earl Klugh released in 1994.
    12. "Move" is a musical EP of BtoB.
      • released on
    13. "Move" is a composition.
    14. "Move" is a composition.
    15. "MOVE" is an album by the Japanese shamisen duo the Yoshida Brothers, originally released in 2000.
      • released on (14 years ago)
    16. "Move" is a musical album of The Original Sins.
      • released in (23 years ago)
    17. "Move" a.k.a. "Move!" is a composition.
    18. "Move" is the long anticipated follow-up to 2008's Famine. The music is darker, the lyrics are bleaker. The planet is dying, they're printing money to burn it. Forming single-file into the abyss. They are trying to slow the inevitable; this is the sound of acceptance.
    19. "Move" is a musical album of Eddie Roberts & Rhianna.
      • released on (4 years ago)
    20. "Move" is a musical EP of Moby.
      • also known as Move - The E.P.
      • released on (21 years ago)
    21. "Move" is a musical single of CSS.
      • released on (7 years ago)
    22. "Move" is a musical album of Hiromi.
      • released on


    1. MOVE or the MOVE Organization is a Philadelphia-based black liberation group founded by John Africa. MOVE was described by CNN as "a loose-knit, mostly black group whose members all adopted the surname Africa, advocated a 'back-to-nature' lifestyle and preached against technology". The group lived communally and frequently engaged in public demonstrations related to issues they deemed important.
    2. move: In computing, move is a command in various DOS, OS/2 and Microsoft Windows command line interpreters such as COMMAND.COM, cmd.exe, 4DOS/4NT and Windows PowerShell. It is used to move one or more files or directories from one place to another. The original file is deleted, and the new file may have the same or a different name. It is analogous to the Unix mv command.
    3. Move a.k.a. The Möve 101 was a microcar with egg-shaped coupé bodywork based on a Felber Autoroller chassis. Ten cars were built in Vienna by a specialist coachbuilding company Hofmann & Moldrich in 1953. Though the fully enclosed bodywork made from 0.8 mm aluminium plate was more sophisticated than that of the Felber, the car proved more expensive to produce and the heavier bodywork reduced performance and made the car less stable. Möve translates into English as Gull. The only known survivor is in the Automobilmuseum Aspang/Wechsel in Austria.
    4. Move is the second album from Hiromi Uehara's Trio Project featuring bassist Anthony Jackson and drummer Simon Phillips.

    Phrases with Move

    Phrases starting with the word Move:

    1. move in
    2. Move It
    3. move on
    4. move up
    5. move out
    6. move back
    7. Move Down
    8. move into
    9. move over
    10. Move House
    11. move in on
    12. move around
    13. move through

    Phrases ending with the word Move:

    1. to move
    2. chess move
    3. Touch Move
    4. Bust a Move
    5. Camera Move
    6. On The Move

    Other phrase containing the word Move:

    1. to move up

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    Printed dictionaries and other books with definitions for Move

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    Google previewThe Pleadings Game (2013)

    An Artificial Intelligence Model of Procedural Justice by Thomas F. Gordon

    A move is a triple (e, n, k), where e is an expression, defined next, n is a natural number or L, and k is one of A, D or L. The...

    Google previewOne Magisterium (2014)

    How Nature Knows through Us by Seán Ó Nualláin

    The fourth move is an operational one: to exile the subjective from the academy into its natural homes of arts, politics and religion. This frees universities to do the type of formation and research at which they excel, and frees up a marketplace ...

    Google previewReturning to America (2007)

    by Mark Dean

    The Great Majority Power Move is the means for 300 million Americans to reclaim America the Beautiful for all of freedom's children. It is the message and means not one American had before. Now each of 300 million can. Not one had before ...

    Google previewDigestive Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs (2016)

    by Isaac Livingstone Asamoah

    Move in: To start being involved in and controlling a situation that someone else controlled previously. E.g. The big multinationals moved in and started pushing up process. 2356. Move in: To go towards a place or group of people, in order to ...

    Google previewEncyclopedia of Adaptations in the Natural World (2009)

    by Adam Simmons

    Salps move about by jet propulsion. They draw water inside themselves through one aperture and force it out of the other, thanks to contractions ...

    Google previewCompanion Encyclopedia of Geography (2002)

    The Environment and Humankind by Ian Douglas, Richard John Huggett, Mike Robinson

    MOVE. Timothy. O'Riordan. CLAYOQUOT SOUND: SYMBOL OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTEST Clayoquot (pronounced 'Claquet') Sound may never make the environmental big time on a par with Seveso, Chernobyl or Exxon Valdez. But what ...

    Google previewAuslan Children's Picture Dictionary (2007)

    by Lee Bilby

    Move hand out turning wrist so that hand ends with palm facing ground. Hungry How to sign it : Tap neck with thumb, extended from fist. Hungry How to sign it : With both hands bent, fingers touching sides of stomach, tilt hands downwards so ...

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    Usage statistics about move

    The following statistics are based on the British National Corpus, so they are representative for the British English from the later part of the 20th century, both spoken and written.

    Usage statistics for the verb move:

    spoken English54.9%written English45.1% conversational speech40.18%task-oriented speech59.82% imaginative writing65.02%informational writing34.98%

    Distribution of usage frequency for the most common synonyms of the noun move:


    Distribution of usage frequency for the most common synonyms of the verb move:


    Comparison of usage frequency between the verb move and its most common antonym:


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    Sign language

    Move and Groove Sign Review - American Sign Language

    Rachel Coleman, Emmy-nominated host of Signing Time, reviews the signs presented in Signing Time Series Two, Vol. 3 DVD: Move and Groove.

    Quotes about Move

    I scream, you grin.
    You grin, I grimace.
    I grimace, you laugh.
    You laugh, I smile.
    I smile, you smile.
    You smile, I move.
    I move, you move.
    You move, I lean.
    I lean, you kiss.
    You kiss, I kiss you.

    17: 47 29/03/2006 (Mordrid Harpoon)
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    Scrabble value of M3O1V4E1

    The value of this 4-letter word is 9 points. It is included in the first and second editions of the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary.

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