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Fear appears in the following palindromes (phrases that read the same backward as forward):

  • Not issued ammo, deer fear guns, snug Rae, freedom made us sit on.
  • "Drawn inward, Rae froze fast," I say, "as it’s a fez, or fear drawn inward."
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The following statistics are based on the British National Corpus, so they are representative for the British English.

Distribution of usage frequency for the most common synonyms of the noun fear:


Distribution of usage frequency for the most common synonyms of the verb fear:


The word fear is considered to be an easy one, according to the Dale-Chall word list, which includes 3000 words that all fourth-grade American students should know and understand.

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Definition of the noun fear

What does fear mean as a name of something?

Fear is one of the top 1000 most common nouns in the English language.

noun - plural: fears

  1. an emotion experienced in anticipation of some specific pain or danger (usually accompanied by a desire to flee or fight)
  2. an anxious feeling
    • example: they hushed it up out of fear of public reaction
    • lexical domain: Feelings - nouns denoting feelings and emotions
    • synonyms of fear: care / concern
    • more generic word: anxiety = a vague unpleasant emotion that is experienced in anticipation of some (usually ill-defined) misfortune
  3. a feeling of profound respect for someone or something

Alternative definition of the noun fear


  1. [uncountable] A strong, uncontrollable, unpleasant emotion caused by actual or perceived danger or threat.
  2. [countable] A phobia, a sense of fear induced by something or someone.
  3. [uncountable] Extreme veneration or awe, as toward a supreme being or deity.

Definition of the adjective fear

What does fear mean as an attribute of a noun?


  1. [dialectal] Able; capable; stout; strong; sound.

Definition of the verb fear

What does fear mean as a doing word?

Fear is one of the top 1000 most common verbs in the English language.

verb - inflections: feared | fearing | fears

  1. be afraid or feel anxious or apprehensive about a possible or probable situation or event
    • examples: I fear she might get aggressive | They fear that there was a traffic accident
    • syntax:
      Syntactic formulaExample for the syntactic formula
      [Cause] [Verb] by [Experiencer]The beauty of the Grand Canyon has been marveled over by countless tourists
      [Experiencer - being] [Verb]I will suffer
      [Experiencer - being] [Verb] for [Cause]I grieve for my departed Juliet

      Verbs of Psychological State (with the same syntax): bleed, care, cry, feel, grieve, mourn, weep.

    • lexical domain: Emotions - verbs of feeling
    • more generic word: worry = be worried, concerned, anxious, troubled, or uneasy
  2. be afraid or scared of; be frightened of
    • examples: I fear the winters in Moscow | We should not fear the Communists! | Sam cannot fear Sue
    • syntax:
      Syntactic formulaExample for the syntactic formula
      [Experiencer - being] [Verb] [Predicate] in [Theme]I admired the honesty in him
      [Experiencer - being] [Verb] [Theme] for [Predicate]I admired him for his honesty
      [Experiencer - being] [Verb] [Theme]The tourists admired the paintings
      [Experiencer - being] [Verb] [Theme, subject control with -ing]I loved writing
      [Experiencer - being] [Verb] [Theme, possessive with -ing]I loved him writing novels
      [Experiencer - being] [Verb] [Theme, subject control with infinitive]I loved to write
      [Experiencer - being] [Verb] [Theme, that-complement clause]The children liked that the clown had a red nose

      Verbs of Psychological State (with the same syntax): despise, detest, disdain, dislike, enjoy, hate, like, love, regret.

    • lexical domain: Emotions - verbs of feeling
    • synonym of fear: dread
    • more specific word: panic = be overcome by a sudden fear
  3. be sorry; used to introduce an unpleasant statement
    • example: I fear I won't make it to your wedding party
    • lexical domain: Emotions - verbs of feeling
    • more generic word: regret = express with regret
  4. be uneasy or apprehensive about
    • example: I fear the results of the final exams
    • syntax: the same syntax as for the sense 2
    • lexical domain: Emotions - verbs of feeling
  5. regard with feelings of respect and reverence; consider hallowed or exalted or be in awe of

Alternative definition of the verb fear


  1. [obsolete, transitive] To cause fear to; to frighten.
  2. [transitive] To feel fear about (something).
  3. [transitive] To venerate; to feel awe towards.
  4. [transitive] Regret


  1. "Fear" is a 1996 American thriller drama film directed by James Foley. It was written by Christopher Crowe, who created the TV series B.L. Stryker, The Watcher, B.J. and the Bear, and Seven Days.
  2. "Fear" a.k.a. "Darr": Darr: A Violent Love Story is a 1993 Bollywood romantic psychological thriller film directed by Yash Chopra under the banner of Yash Raj Films. It stars Sunny Deol, Juhi Chawla and Shahrukh Khan in the lead roles. It is the second film in which Shahrukh Khan played the role of a villain. It is considered to be one of his best performances and earned him a Filmfare Award nomination for Best Villain.
    • read more about Darr
  3. "Fear" is a 1954 drama film directed by Roberto Rossellini and starring his wife Ingrid Bergman. It has also been released as Angst in the English-speaking world. It is loosely based on the Stefan Zweig novel Fear. It was filmed in Munich and was shot simultaneously in German and English. Rossellini created it because he wanted to explore the reconstruction of Germany from both a material and moral standpoint ten years after making his previous German film Germany Year Zero. The film is noirish with aspects reminiscent of Hitchcock and German Expressionism.
  4. "Fear": Angst is a 1983 Austrian film. Written and directed by Gerald Kargl with cinematography by Academy Award winner Zbigniew Rybczyński, it tells the story of a psychopath recently released from prison and is loosely based on the mass murderer Werner Kniesek. Though little known, the film has received praise for its unconventional camera work and intense acting performances, particularly from actor Erwin Leder.
  5. "Fear" is a thriller/horror/suspense film. It is directed by Rockne S. O'Bannon and stars Ally Sheedy, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Michael O'Keefe, Lauren Hutton, Keone Young, Stan Shaw, Dean Goodman, Don Hood and Jonathan Prince.
  6. "Fear" is a 1996 short and horror film written and directed by Linas Ryskus.
  7. "Fear" is a 1946 low-budget film noir directed by Alfred Zeisler. The film is considered a loose adaptation of Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment.
  8. "Fear" is a 2007 horror film directed by Vikram Bhatt.
  9. "Fear" is a film, directed by Robert A. Ferretti.
  10. "Fear" a.k.a. "Murder Syndrome": Murder Obsession is a 1981 Italian giallo film directed by Riccardo Freda.
  11. "Fear" is a 1917 German silent horror film written and directed by Robert Wiene and starring Bruno Decarli, Conrad Veidt and Bernhard Goetzke. It is also the first known appearance of Conrad Veidt on screen, cast by producer Oskar Messter.
  12. "Fear": Filmmaker Michiel van Erp follows Amsterdam inhabitants who struggle with various anxiety disorders, as they attempt to overcome their fears... including a woman who must take really long showers to feel clean, another woman who was kidnapped by a terrorist group years ago and a man who is so terrified of heights, he can’t be near his window.
  13. "Fear" a.k.a. "Night Creature": Out of the Darkness is a 1978 film. It was also known as Night Creature.
  14. "Fear" is a 35 mm short Hindi film directed by legendary filmmaker Ritwik Ghatak. In 1964-65 Ritwik created this documentary for the acting department of Pune Film Institute. Mainly the students of Pune Film Institute participated in this film. Director Subhash Ghai, and actor Asrani then students of that institute acted in this film.
    • language: Hindi Language
    • genres: Bollywood, World cinema
  15. "Fear" is a 1974 film directed by Matjaz Klopcic.
  16. "Fear" is a film, directed by Brian Mills & Paul Wilde.
  17. "Fear" a.k.a. "The Woman in the House" is a 1942 short feature from MGM about an Englishwoman who becomes a recluse for forty years. It was the first American role for Australian film star Shirley Ann Richards.


  1. Fear is a fictional character in the 2010 animated Sci-Fi adventure film Quantum Quest: A Cassini Space Odyssey.
  2. Fear is a fictional character from the 2013 film Birthday Cake.
  3. Fear is a fictional character from the 2015 film Inside Out.

There are other characters with in their name, like Mister Fear.

Phrases with Fear

Phrases starting with the word Fear:

  1. Fear'd
  2. Fear and Loathing
  3. Fear Before the March of Flames

Phrases ending with the word Fear:

  1. cape fear
  2. Stage Fear

Other phrases containing the word Fear:

  1. Cape Fear Spike
  2. Cape Fear Shiner
  3. Cape Fear Threetooth
  4. Cape Fear Three-Tooth
  5. Fools Rush in Where Angels Fear to Tread

Printed books with definitions for Fear

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Google previewOur Greatest Fear is the Transition of Power (2013)

An Open Letter to The President by Sseruwagi Godfrey Mitch

Caning Squad, Bamboo Brandishing Brigade,3 000 Brigade, The Price is High, No sleeping, No Crying, Make Trouble and You See” 14 Ekiyitirwa = Arch in elephant reeds and babana fibres 99 Our Greatest Fear is the Transition of Power.

Google previewBreaking the Cycle of Shame (2008)

by Gregg Gulledge

Fear is the attachment between hardness of the heart and an environment filled with sorrow. Fear is a captivator that expedites you into an atmosphere of losses and sorrows that binds us to many personal hazards, which could be avoided if ...

Google previewStress Management for Life: A Research-Based Experiential Approach (2006)

by Michael Olpin, Margie Hesson

Fear is an internal experience.

Google previewSelf-Esteem For Dummies (2014)

by S. Renee Smith, Vivian Harte

Fear is a manifested emotion that consistently reappears to challenge you to overcome your internal issues, embrace yourself more fully, and move you closer to your life...

It seems like fear is the problem because it's what bubbles to the top .

Google previewThrough the Valley (2011)

Biblical-Theological Reflections on Suffering by Jeff Wisdom

Fear is the more appropriate word.

Google previewTreasury Of Spiritual Wisdom A Collection Of 10,000 Powerful Quotations For Transforming Your Life (2003)

by Andy Zubko

Margaret Stortz Fear is the sand in the machinery of life.... — E. Stanley Jones...

Robert Moore Fear is an acid which is pumped into one's atmosphere. It causes mental...

Horace Fletcher Fear is a greater evil than the evil itself.... — Francis de ...

Google previewThe 2nd Renaissance & The Philosophies of the New Age (2015)

by R.T. Daniels

Fear is the beast, and the beast needs livestock... [Deeply...

Google previewPsychopathology and Psychotherapy (2014)

DSM-5 Diagnosis, Case Conceptualization, and Treatment by Len Sperry, Jon Carlson, Jill Duba Sauerheber, Jon Sperry

Fear is a survival emotion, highly connected to evolutionary development and hardwired into the brain for the...

Google previewKeeping in Touch (2007)

Posthumous Papers on Ignatian Topics by S. J. Michael Ivens, S. J. Joseph A. Munitiz

Fear is a major strand in human experience and one of the functions of spiritual direction, both outside and within the practice of the Exercises, is to help people deal with it. Fear may be defined as a reaction of recoil or *abhorrence in ...

Google previewThe Political Archive of Paul de Man: Property, Sovereignty and the Theotropic (2012)

by Martin McQuillan

The passion is called fear, and it is a cognitive predicament, a state of not knowing, or a suspended surmise of possibilities and the...

Google previewExpectancy and Emotion (2015)

by Maria Miceli, Cristiano Castelfranchi

Therefore, fear is a gestalt configuration, whose constitutive elements (a negative IAR or expectation and basic negative affect) form an integrated whole, thus being perceived as a unitary experience (Castelfranchi and Miceli 2009). This is in ...

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Small photo of Portrait of a small 1,5 years old baby boy standing in dark roon under wall and looking scared. Fear or punishment of a childSmall photo of Young girl covered her face with fearSmall photo of The man is afraid of fearSmall photo of The teen is afraid. He raised her hands as a sign of protection from fear and negative emotions (teenager concept human behavior)Small photo of Indoor shot of horrified frightened hipster lady looking sideways, gestures actively and nervously, trembles from fear, has real phobia towards something, worries and being afraid of darkness.Small photo of The man is afraid of fearSmall photo of Tarantula on hand, overcoming fear of spiders More...

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Quotes about Fear

Death is fear
Fear to me
Once I heard is Fear nothing but Fear itself
& the thought of endless darkness is Fear
So fear nothing but fear itself
Death is fear
& I'm terrified (Jerry Coker)
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