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Body appears in the following pangram (a sentence using every letter of the alphabet at least once):

  • Exquisite farm wench gives body jolt to prize stinker. (45 letters)
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Body appears in the following palindromes (phrases that read the same backward as forward):

  • Xenograft a Y: do breed deer body at far-gone X.
  • We sip, or can one posse let a family bury my body, eh?… they do: by my Ruby Lim, a fate less open on a crop I sew.
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Usage statistics for the noun body:

spoken English27.41%written English72.59% conversational speech30.86%task-oriented speech69.14% imaginative writing57.91%informational writing42.09%
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The word body is considered to be an easy one, according to the Dale-Chall word list, which includes 3000 words that all fourth-grade American students should know and understand.

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Definition of the noun body

What does body mean as a name of something?

Body is one of the top 100 most common nouns in the English language.View more statistics!

noun - plural: bodies

  1. the entire physical structure of an organism (an animal, plant, or human being)
  2. a group of persons associated by some common tie or occupation and regarded as an entity
    • examples: the whole body filed out of the auditorium | the student body | administrative body
    • lexical domain: Groups - nouns denoting groupings of people or objects
    • more generic term: social group = people sharing some social relation
    • more specific terms:
      • public = a body of people sharing some common interest
      • Christianity / Christendom = the collective body of Christians throughout the world and history
      • church = the body of people who attend or belong to a particular local church
      • Sacred College of Cardinals / College of Cardinals / Sacred College / cardinalate = the body of all cardinals of the church
      • administration / governing body / establishment / organisation / organization / governance / brass = the persons (or committees or departments etc.) who make up a body for the purpose of administering something
      • corps = a body of people associated together
      • constituency = the body of voters who elect a representative for their area
      • electoral college = the body of electors who formally elect the United States president and vice president
      • school = a body of creative artists or writers or thinkers linked by a similar style or by similar teachers
      • college = the body of faculty and students of a college
      • university = the body of faculty and students at a university
      • faculty / staff = the body of teachers and administrators at a school
      • representation = a body of legislators that serve in behalf of some constituency
      • settlement / colony = a body of people who settle far from home but maintain ties with their homeland
      • ulama / ulema = the body of Mullahs (Muslim scholars trained in Islam and Islamic law) who are the interpreters of Islam's sciences and doctrines and laws and the chief guarantors of continuity in the spiritual and intellectual history of the Islamic community
      • leadership / leaders = the body of people who lead a group
      • militia = the entire body of physically fit civilians eligible by law for military service
      • membership / rank = the body of members of an organization or group
      • occupational group / vocation = a body of people doing the same kind of work
      • opposition = a body of people united in opposing something
      • immigration = the body of immigrants arriving during a specified interval
      • inspectorate = a body of inspectors
      • jury = a body of citizens sworn to give a true verdict according to the evidence presented in a court of law
      • panel = a group of people gathered for a special purpose as to plan or discuss an issue or judge a contest etc
      • venire / panel = a group of people summoned for jury service
      • registration / enrollment = the body of people (such as students) who register or enroll at the same time
      • vote = a body of voters who have the same interests
      • diaspora = the body of Jews (or Jewish communities) outside Palestine or modern Israel
  3. a natural object consisting of a dead animal or person
    • example: they found the body in the lake
    • lexical domain: Body Parts - nouns denoting body parts
    • synonym of body: dead body
    • more generic term: natural object = an object occurring naturally
    • more specific words:
      • kill = the body of an animal, or bodies of animals, killed by a person or another animal
      • carcase / carcass = the dead body of an animal especially one slaughtered and dressed for food
      • carrion = the dead and rotting body of an animal
      • roadkill = the dead body of an animal that has been killed on a road by a vehicle
      • cadaver / remains / corpse / stiff / clay = the dead body of a human being
      • mummy = a body embalmed and dried and wrapped for burial
  4. an individual 3-dimensional object that has mass and that is distinguishable from other objects
  5. the body excluding the head and neck and limbs
  6. a collection of particulars considered as a system
    • examples: a body of law | a body of doctrine | a body of precedents
    • lexical domain: Groups - nouns denoting groupings of people or objects
    • more generic words: scheme / system = a group of independent but interrelated elements comprising a unified whole
  7. the property of holding together and retaining its shape
    • example: wool has more body than rayon
    • lexical domain: Attributes - nouns denoting attributes of people and objects
    • synonyms of body: consistence / consistency / substance
    • more generic word: property = a basic or essential attribute shared by all members of a class
    • more specific words:
    • attributes:
      • thick = relatively dense in consistency
      • thin = relatively thin in consistency or low in density
  8. the central message of a communication
  9. the main mass of a thing
    • lexical domain: Attributes - nouns denoting attributes of people and objects
    • more generic word: mass = the property of a body that causes it to have weight in a gravitational field
  10. a resonating chamber in a musical instrument (as the body of a violin)
  11. the external structure of a vehicle
    • example: the body of the car was badly rusted
    • lexical domain: Artifacts - nouns denoting man-made objects
    • more generic words: construction / structure = a thing constructed
    • more specific words:
      • bodywork = the exterior body of a motor vehicle
      • fuselage = the central body of an airplane that is designed to accommodate the crew and passengers

Alternative definition of the noun body


  1. Physical frame.
    • The physical structure of a human or animal seen as one single organism. [definition from 9th c.]
      • The fleshly or corporeal nature of a human, as opposed to the spirit or soul. [definition from 13th c.]
      • A corpse. [definition from 13th c.]
      • [archaic or informal except in compounds] A person. [definition from 13th c.]
      • Main section.
      • The torso, the main structure of a human or animal frame excluding the extremities (limbs, head, tail). [definition from 9th c.]
      • The largest or most important part of anything, as distinct from its appendages or accessories. [definition from 11th c.]
      • [archaic] The section of a dress extending from the neck to the waist, excluding the arms. [definition from 16th c.]
      • A bodysuit. [definition from 19th c.]
      • [programming] The code of a subroutine, contrasted to its signature and parameters. [definition from 20th c.]
      • Coherent group.
      • A group of men or people having a common purpose or opinion; a mass. [definition from 16th c.]
      • An organisation, company or other authoritative group. [definition from 17th c.]
      • A unified collection of details, knowledge or information. [definition from 17th c.]
      • Material entity.
      • Any physical object or material thing. [definition from 14th c.]
      • [uncountable] Substance; physical presence. [definition from 17th c.]
      • [uncountable] Comparative viscosity, solidity or substance (in wine, colours etc.). [definition from 17th c.]

      Specialised definition of the noun body

      Glossary of sports

      the physical structure of a person, as opposed to the mind (2006. Dictionary of Sport and Exercise Science. A&C Black Publishers Ltd)

      the main part of a person's body, not including the head or arms and legs (2006. Dictionary of Sport and Exercise Science. A&C Black Publishers Ltd)

      foreign body (2006. Dictionary of Sport and Exercise Science. A&C Black Publishers Ltd)

      individual existence of the human being (physicality) where he "is" as a whole being, so that the term "body" can be used representing the human being. The human exists in his "body" and thereby communicates himself through motor action (gesture, mime, etc.) interacting with his environment. However, the human being is not only his own body, he also has a body which he experiences (with limitations) "objectively" (e.g. in case of fatigue, illness, failure to perform) and which he can utilize as a means for reaching certain goals and objectives, e.g. in training physical characteristics such as strength, endurance, speed, and specific bodily function such as the strength of the throwing arm, etc. Since sport is concerned with movement, motor action and motor behaviour of the human body, this body becomes the main starting point for sport in general (physical education, physical exercises, body-soul problem, body experience). (Herbert Haag & Gerald Haag. 2003. Dictionary. Sport, Physical Education, Sport Science. Kiel, Institut für Sport und Sportwissenschaften)

      Definition of the verb body

      What does body mean as a doing word?

      verb - inflections: bodied

      1. invest with or as with a body; give body to
        • lexical domain: Stative - verbs of being, having, spatial relations
        • synonym of body: personify
        • more generic words: be / embody / personify = represent, as of a character on stage

      Alternative definition of the verb body


      1. To give body or shape to something.
      2. To construct the bodywork of a car.
      3. [transitive] To embody.


      1. "Body" a.k.a. "Jism" is a 2003 Drama Romance Thriller film written by Mahesh Bhatt and Niranjan Iyenga and directed by Amit Saxena.
        • read more about Jism
      2. "Body" is a Thai horror-thriller film. It is produced by GTH, the same production company that made the hit Thai horror film, Shutter. Body is directed by Paween Purijitpanya and co-written by Chukiat Sakweerakul, who had previously directed the thriller, 13 Beloved.
      3. "Body" a.k.a. "The Body" is a 2001 film based on a novel by Richard Sapir, and starring Antonio Banderas and Olivia Williams.
      4. "Body" a.k.a. "Body of Evidence" is a 1993 American erotic thriller film produced by Dino De Laurentiis and distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and has the rare NC-17 rating. It was directed by Uli Edel and written by Brad Mirman. The film stars Madonna and Willem Dafoe, with Joe Mantegna, Anne Archer, Julianne Moore and Jürgen Prochnow in supporting roles.
      5. "Body" is a 1987 short film directed by Roland Schütz.
        • country: Austria
        • released in (28 years ago)


      "Body" a.k.a. "Bødy" is a book by Asa Nonami.

      • genre: Speculative fiction
      • copyright: 2009-02-03


      1. "Body" was supposed to be a single by Ja Rule but the song has been cut. It features Ashley Joi and was produced by 7 Aurelius. The video was directed by Hype Williams and it premiered on BET's Access Granted on September 20, 2007.
      2. "Body" is a song recorded by American R&B singer Marques Houston. It is the second single from Houston's fourth studio album Mr. Houston, and was released in parallel to the single Sunset.
      3. "Body" a.k.a. "Best Night of My Life" is the fourth studio album by American actor and singer Jamie Foxx. It was scheduled to be released on July 20, 2010 in the US under J Records but was pushed to a late 2010 release. On November 16, 2009, "Speak French" featuring Gucci Mane was released as the buzz single. On April 6, 2010, "Winner" featuring Justin Timberlake and T.I., was released as the lead single. On October 6, 2010, Jamie appeared on 106 & Park's 10th Anniversary special and confirmed his album Best Night of My Life will be released December 21, 2010.
      4. "Body" is a composition.
      5. "Body" is a musical single of Funky Green Dogs.
        • released in (16 years ago)
      6. "Body" is a musical album of Felt Drawings.
        • released on
      7. "Body" is a musical EP of Autre Ne Veut.
        • released in (4 years ago)
      8. "Body" is a musical album of Ambrazura.
        • released on (12 years ago)
      9. "Body" is a musical single of Supernova.
        • released in (19 years ago)
      10. "Body" is a musical album of Darling Farah.


      Body is a musical group.

      • album: "Thethinhour"

      Phrases with Body

      Phrases starting with the word Body:

      1. body bag
      2. body pad
      3. body coat
      4. Body cord
      5. body hair
      6. body odor
      7. body part
      8. Body Shop
      9. body suit
      10. Body Surf
      11. body type
      12. Body Wave
      13. Body Wrap
      14. body-surf

      Phrases ending with the word Body:

      1. Nu Body
      2. ore body
      3. Auto Body
      4. Barr Body
      5. dead body
      6. Lewy Body

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      Google previewEndangered Metaphors (2012)

      by Anna Idström, Elisabeth Piirainen

      Additionally, the metaphor body is a clothing contributes to the skeletal structure and overall comprehension of this folk story. The component elements of the conceptual metaphor are listed below. Clothing conceals internal form. Clothing can ...

      Google previewThe Christian Philosophy of William Temple (2012)

      by S.T. Padgett

      Indeed, Michael Polanyi argues that all of man's thought processes are rooted in bodily processes: “Our body is the ultimate instrument of all our external knowledge, whetherintellectual or practical. In all our waking moments we are relying on ...

      Google previewThe Illustrated Encyclopedia of Body-mind Disciplines (1999)

      by Nancy Allison

      Part IV: Mind/ Body Medicine Biofeedback Training • Guided Imagery • Hypnotherapy • Interactive Guided ImageryTM • Psychoneuroimmunology Mind/ body medicine is a contemporary term used to describe a number of disciplines that study ...

      Google previewHuman Body: A Visual Encyclopedia (2012)

      by DK

      BODY BASICS 14 Just like a jigsaw puzzle, your body is made up. BODY BASICS 6.

      Google previewEncyclopedia of Human Body Systems (2010)

      by Julie McDowell

      If the airways become totally blocked, respiratory failure, or suffocation, occurs because the body cannot get enough oxygen. The triggers for asthma attacks vary from individual to individual. The most common causes are infections ( primarily ...

      Google previewEncyclopaedia of Occupational Health and Safety: The body, health care, management and policy, tools and approaches (1998)

      by Jeanne Mager Stellman

      ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY -J CONTENTS DIGESTIVE SYSTEM THE BODY Digestive System Heikki Savolainen, Chapter Editor Digestive System G Frada 4 2.

      Google previewThe Deleuze Dictionary Revised Edition (2010)

      by Adrian Parr

      BODY 35 deterritorialising activity, Deleuze and Guattari problematise the process of subjectification, which, they claim, results either in self-annihilation (a black hole), or re-engagement with different planes of becoming. In addition to ...

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      Usage statistics about body

      The following statistics are based on the British National Corpus, so they are representative for the British English from the later part of the 20th century, both spoken and written.

      Usage statistics for the noun body:

      spoken English27.41%written English72.59% conversational speech30.86%task-oriented speech69.14% imaginative writing57.91%informational writing42.09%

      Distribution of usage frequency for the most common synonyms of the noun body:


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      Small photo of Fit, healthy and slim woman with a sporty body and a perfect shape isolated on white.Small photo of Slim body of woman isolated on white, from the back.Small photo of full body picture of a laughing casual man with hands crossed on white backgroundSmall photo of Full body portrait of young casual man smiling, isolated on white backgroundSmall photo of Slim tanned woman's body over gray backgroundSmall photo of Slim tanned woman's body over gray backgroundSmall photo of Puzzled confused man in blue shirt shrugging shoulders looking at camera. Full body isolated on white background. More...

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      The soul is that which denies the body. For example, that which refuses to run when the body trembles, to strike when the body is angry, to drink when the body is thirsty. (Alain)
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      Scrabble value of B3O1D2Y4

      The value of this 4-letter word is 10 points. It is included in the first and second editions of the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary.

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