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Blood appears in many tongue twisters:

  • Red blood, green blood
  • Bad dead bed-bugs bleed bug blood.
    (by Mimi Routh)
  • The big black bug's blood ran blue.
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The following statistics are based on the British National Corpus, so they are representative for the British English.

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The word blood is considered to be an easy one, according to the Dale-Chall word list, which includes 3000 words that all fourth-grade American students should know and understand.

Definition of the noun blood

What does blood mean as a name of something?

Blood is one of the top 1000 most common nouns in the English language.

noun - plural: bloods

  1. the fluid (red in vertebrates) that is pumped through the body by the heart and contains plasma, blood cells, and platelets
  2. temperament or disposition
    • example: a person of hot blood
    • lexical domain: Attributes - nouns denoting attributes of people and objects
    • more generic words: disposition / temperament = your usual mood
  3. a dissolute man in fashionable society
  4. the descendants of one individual
  5. people viewed as members of a group
    • example: we need more young blood in this organization
    • lexical domain: Groups - nouns denoting groupings of people or objects
    • more generic word: people = any group of human beings (men or women or children) collectively

Alternative definition of the noun blood


  1. A vital liquid flowing in the bodies of many types of animals that usually conveys nutrients and oxygen. In vertebrates, it is colored red by hemoglobin, is conveyed by arteries and veins, is pumped by the heart and is usually generated in bone marrow.
  2. A family relationship due to birth, such as that between siblings; contrasted with relationships due to marriage or adoption. (See blood relative, blood relation, by blood.)
  3. [context: medicine, countable] A blood test or blood sample.
  4. The sap or juice which flows in or from plants.


  1. A member of the LA gang The Bloods.

Specialised definition of the noun blood

Glossary of sports

red liquid in the heart and blood vessels of all highly developed beings. The human body contains approx. 4-6 1 of blood which has to fulfill the following tasks: transport oxygen from the lungs to the various tissues and remove carbon dioxide from the tissues, transport nutrients and active substances present within the body (enzymes, hormones, vitamins), distribute the warmth produced in metabolism, quickly close injured blood vessels with the components dissolved in the blood (blood plates and coagulation factors). In a healthy human being bleeding stops take place after about 1 to 3 min. Furthermore, blood has the ability to destroy germs that have entered the body, i.e. it has a defensive function. White blood cells (leukocytes) are responsible for preventing infections, and red blood cells (erythrocytes) for the transport of oxygen. Blood also contains water as well as positively and negatively charged particles for maintaining the membrane potential and specific characteristics of blood group determination (blood group antigens). (Herbert Haag & Gerald Haag. 2003. Dictionary. Sport, Physical Education, Sport Science. Kiel, Institut für Sport und Sportwissenschaften)

Definition of the verb blood

What does blood mean as a doing word?

verb - inflections: blooded | blooding | bloods

  1. smear with blood, as in a hunting initiation rite, where the face of a person is smeared with the blood of the kill
    • lexical domain: Contact - verbs of touching, hitting, tying, digging
    • more generic words: daub / smear = cover (a surface) by smearing (a substance) over it


Blood is a bodily fluid in animals that delivers necessary substances such as nutrients and oxygen to the cells and transports metabolic waste products away from those same cells. When it reaches the lungs, gas exchange occurs when carbon dioxide is diffused out of the blood into the alveoli and oxygen is diffused into the blood. This oxygenated blood is pumped to the left hand side of the heart in the pulmonary vein and enters the left atrium. From here it passes through the bicuspid valve, through the ventricle and taken all around the body by the aorta. Blood contains antibodies, nutrients, oxygen and much more to help the body work.

There are other foods with Blood in their name, like Blood soup, Deer blood, Blood tongue, Blood sausage, Chicken and duck blood soup and Duck blood and vermicelli soup.


  1. Blood a.k.a. Blood+, pronounced as "Blood Plus", is an anime series produced by Production I.G and Aniplex and directed by Junichi Fujisaku. The series premiered in Japan on Sony's anime satellite channel, Animax, as well as on terrestrial networks such as MBS, TBS, and RKB on October 8, 2005. The final episode aired on September 23, 2006. Blood+ is licensed for international distribution in several regions through Sony Pictures' international arm, Sony Pictures Television International.
  2. "Blood" is a 2012 thriller film written by Bill Gallagher and directed by Nick Murphy.
  3. "Blood": Sangre is a 2005 Mexican drama film directed by Amat Escalante. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival.
  4. "Blood" is a 2009 Japanese supernatural action film directed by Ten Shimoyama.
  5. "Blood" is a 2000 horror film, starring Adrian Rawlins. Its director and writer, Charly Cantor, won a Jury Award for the film in 2000.
  6. "Blood" is a 2013 documentary drama film written by Sergei Vinokurov and directed by Alina Rudnitskaya.
  7. "Blood" is a 2008 Bengali film directed by Anasuya Samanta. The film featured Debesh Raychowdhury, Anasuya Samanta, Manojit, Sutanuka, Mita Chatterjee, Sameer Mukherjee, Manjula Polle and Bhaswar Chatterjee.
  8. "Blood" is a short film, directed by Jim Trainor.
  9. "Blood" is an award-nominated film, written by Jerry Ciccoritti.


  1. "Blood" is the fourth studio album by the American band In This Moment. The album was released by Century Media on August 14, 2012. As has been the case with every In This Moment album, the record has a different sound, dropping many of the traditional metalcore elements in favor of electronic samples and further experimentation.
    • also known as Blood (Re-Issue + Bonus)
    • genre: Industrial metal
    • released on
  2. "Blood" is an album released in 1991 by Ivo Watts-Russell's supergroup, This Mortal Coil. The double album was the final LP in the project's history, although Ivo used two TMC performers on his next project, The Hope Blister, in 1998. "You and Your Sister" was a #13 hit in The Netherlands and spent seven weeks in the Dutch Top 40.
  3. "Blood" is the third studio album by American progressive rock band OSI, released by InsideOut Music on April 27, 2009 in Europe and May 19, 2009 in North America.
  4. "Blood" is a musical album of Project Pitchfork.
    • released on
  5. "Blood" is an EP by the Polish death metal band Vader. It was released on September 22, 2003 in Europe via Metal Blade, and day after in Poland by Metal Mind. Japanese edition was released on October 22, 2003 by Avalon Marquee.
    • genre: Death metal
    • released on (11 years ago)
  6. "Blood" a.k.a. "Blood: Franz Ferdinand": Blood is a compilation album of dub music versions of songs from Tonight: Franz Ferdinand, the third studio album from Scottish band Franz Ferdinand. It was released in June 2009 through Domino Records. In addition, a limited edition vinyl version of 500 copies were sent to independent record stores in the United States to coincide with Record Store Day.
  7. "Blood" is a song by British post-punk revival band Editors and is featured on their 2005 debut album, The Back Room. It was released 11 July 2005 as the third single from the album. It was re-released 19 June 2006 also. It was in very limited release with the CD limited to 5000 copies whilst the 10" single was deleted on day of release and was only available through pre-ordering. Over the two formats it contained 2 cover songs and 2 remixes of the album track Camera by Jason Spaceman and Paul Oakenfold.
  8. "Blood" is a song by American band In This Moment. Released June 12, 2012, it is the first single released from their fourth studio album, Blood.
  9. "Blood" is a song by Pearl Jam that appears on the band's 1993 album Vs. It is the seventh track on the album.
  10. "Blood" is a musical album of Stan Ridgway & Pietra Wexstun.
    • released in (12 years ago)
  11. "Blood" is a 2001 album by The Microphones. It was handmade, and limited to 300 original copies. Included on the album were recordings and alternate versions of songs later found on The Glow Pt. 2, in addition to sound collages, field recordings and other miscellany. Also included was a cover of Björk's All Is Full of Love.
  12. "Blood" is a musical album of Pulled Apart by Horses.
    • released on
  13. "Blood" is a musical single of Editors.
    • released in (9 years ago)
  14. "Blood" is the one and only album released by the band RedSea in 1994.
    • artists: Redsea & Red Sea
    • released on (21 years ago)
  15. "Blood" is a composition by the American trash metal band Anthrax.
  16. "Blood" is a musical album of Fractional.
    • released in (5 years ago)


"Blood" is a first-person shooter video game developed by Monolith Productions and published by GT Interactive Software. The full version was released for the PC on May 31, 1997.

  • also known as Horror 3D
  • mode: Single-player video game, Multiplayer video game
  • developer: Monolith Productions
  • genres: First-person Shooter, Horror, Western, Zombie Film, Shooter game, Action game, Survival horror
  • publisher: GT Interactive Software
  • released on (17 years ago)


  1. Blood a.k.a. Nick Blood is an English actor.
  2. Blood is a UK soul artist.

There are other people with in their name, like Blood Raw, blood-raw, Cold Blood, Erik Blood, John Blood, Adele Blood, Bliss Blood, Blood Queen, Bobby Blood and many others.


  1. Blood is a Japanese band that has been active from 2002 to 2009, returning in 2011. Blood's aim is to create music that expresses the meaning of human emotion that breaks the musical frame. They are closely associated with visual kei, but the band refers to themselves as a "gothic band".
  2. Blood is a Spanish industrial metal band from Alicante, Spain, that was formed in 1999 and still continues today. There have been some remixes of their songs done by other industrial metal artists, including Turmion Kätilöt.
  3. Blood ist eine Grindcore-Band aus Speyer. Blood sind nach Napalm Death zusammen mit Extreme Noise Terror und Agathocles die älteste noch aktive Grindcore-Band.
    • albums: "Mental Conflicts", "Impulse to Destroy", "Gas · Flames · Bones", "Christbait", "Dysangelium", "Depraved Goddess", "O Agios Pethane", "Limited Edition / Party's Over", "Salvation... to the Dead / Antefatto", "Blood / Schwarze Magie"
    • official website:
  4. Blood is a musical group.
    • album: "Bloodless Revolution"

There are other groups with in their name, like Bad Blood, Big Blood, blood-red, Dog Blood, Am I Blood, Blood Axis, Blood Ruby, Evil Blood, Free Blood, Give Blood, Holy Blood, Hulk Blood, Milk:blood, Wolf Blood, Aryan Blood, Black Blood, Blood eagle, Blood Feast, Blood Freak.


Blood is a fictional character from the 1993 film Beyond the Law.


Blood is a peer-reviewed medical journal published by the American Society of Hematology. It was established by William Dameshek in 1946. The journal changed from semimonthly to weekly publication at the start of 2009. It covers clinical and basic research in all areas of hematology, including disorders of leukocytes, both benign and malignant, erythrocytes, platelets, hemostatic mechanisms, vascular biology, immunology, and hematologic oncology.

Phrases with Blood

  1. Blood Ark
  2. Blood Bin
  3. blood cup
  4. Blood Red
  5. Blood Sub
  6. Blood Tax
  7. blood-red
  8. blood agar
  9. blood bank
  10. Blood Bath
  11. blood cell
  12. blood clam
  13. blood clot
  14. blood cyst
  15. blood feud
  16. blood heat
  17. Blood Iris
  18. blood knot
  19. blood lily
  20. bad blood

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Google previewCovenant: The Blood is The Life (2015)

The Blood Is the Life by James Lindemann

The Blood Is the Life James Lindemann. risen and ascended Lord. But there is also a fellowship with all the members of the Church. At the Altar we join hands not only with the great saints in Heaven, but also with all our loved ones who have ...

Google previewBlood Is the New Black (2007)

A Novel by Valerie Stivers

It is only Blood Is the New ...

Google previewGospel Symbols (2010)

Finding the Creator in His Creations by Mark A. Shields

Blood is a prominent scriptural symbol that carries many diverse and seemingly contradictory meanings.

Google previewClinical Anatomy and Physiology for Veterinary Technicians (2015)

by Thomas P. Colville, Joanna M. Bassert

Whole blood is the blood contained in the cardiovascular system. Peripheral...

Grossly, blood is an opaque, deeply red fluid. Microscopically, whole blood is a clear liquid, plasma, in which many cellular components are suspended. Plasma is ...

Google previewS.Chand’ S Biology For Class XI - CBSE

by Dr. P.S. Verma & Dr. B.P. Pandey

Blood is the main circulatory medium in the human body. It is a liquid connective tissue...

Blood is the softest tissues of the body. Fluids outside the cells are...

Blood is a complex tissue fluid of red colour. It is salty in taste with a specific gravity ...

Google previewThe Physics of Cerebrovascular Diseases (1997)

Biophysical Mechanisms of Development, Diagnosis and Therapy by George J. Hademenos, Tarik F. Massoud

devoted primarily to blood. Blood is a unique fluid possessing specific components and properties necessary to perform the multitude of life-sustaining tasks, making it extremely difficult to characterize the fluid biophysically and experimentally.

Google previewThe English Reports (1912)

Now civil and hereditary blood is that line or medium, or vehicle whereby consanguinity, which gives a capacity to...

Google previewA Dictionary of the English Language (1828)

In which the Words are Deduced from Their Originals... by Samuel Johnson

BLOOD. s. [bloob, Sax. 33sut, Germ.] 1. The red liquor that circulates in the bodies of animals. Genesis. 2. Child...

Google previewScience Pictorial Dictionary

by R P Manchanda

Blood It is a major fluid which acts as a transport medium in the body of animals including humans. It has red blood cells (RBCs), white blood cells (WBCs) and platelets and ...

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Quotes about Blood

Dark night, dark blood
Blood that is as dark as mud

Stains the life of many afar
Stains the blackness of the tar

Dark night, dark blood forevermore
Blood in the night and on the shore (D'Anna Abril)
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