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Usage statistics for the noun age:

spoken English39.58%written English60.42% conversational speech55.59%task-oriented speech44.41% imaginative writing35.14%informational writing64.86%
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Age is sometimes a misspelling of aged or edge.

The word age is considered to be an easy one, according to the Dale-Chall word list, which includes 3000 words that all fourth-grade American students should know and understand.

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Definition of the noun age

What does age mean as a name of something?

Age is one of the top 1000 most common nouns in the English language.View more statistics!

noun - plural: ages

  1. how long something has existed
    • example: it was replaced because of its age
    • lexical domain: Attributes - nouns denoting attributes of people and objects
    • more generic word: property = a basic or essential attribute shared by all members of a class
    • more specific terms:
      • chronological age = age measured by the time (years and months) that something or someone has existed
      • bone age = a person's age measured by matching their bone development (as shown by X rays) with bone development of an average person of known chronological age
      • developmental age = a measure of a child's development (in body size or motor skill or psychological function) expressed in terms of age norms
      • fertilization age / gestational age / fetal age = the age of an embryo counting from the time of fertilization
      • mental age = the level of intellectual development as measured by an intelligence test
      • oldness = the quality of being old
      • newness = the quality of being new
      • oldness = the opposite of youngness
      • youngness = the opposite of oldness
    • attributes:
      • mature = having reached full natural growth or development
      • immature = not yet mature
      • old = of long duration
      • new = not of long duration
      • old = having lived for a relatively long time or attained a specific age
      • immature / young = in an early period of life or development or growth
  2. an era of history having some distinctive feature
    • example: we live in a litigious age
    • lexical domain: Time - nouns denoting time and temporal relations
    • synonym of age: historic period
    • more generic words: epoch / era = a period marked by distinctive character or reckoned from a fixed point or event
    • more specific terms:
      • antiquity = the historic period preceding the Middle Ages in Europe
      • golden age = any period (sometimes imaginary) of great peace and prosperity and happiness
      • Jazz Age = the 1920s in the United States characterized in the novels of F. Scott Fitzgerald as a period of wealth, youthful exuberance, and carefree hedonism
      • reign = the period during which a monarch is sovereign
      • turn of the century = the period from about ten years before to ten years after a new century
    • instances:
      • Age of Reason / Enlightenment = a movement in Europe from about 1650 until 1800 that advocated the use of reason and individualism instead of tradition and established doctrine
      • Elizabethan age = a period in British history during the reign of Elizabeth I in the 16th century
      • Victorian age = a period in British history during the reign of Queen Victoria in the 19th century
      • Baroque period / Baroque era / Baroque = the historic period from about 1600 until 1750 when the baroque style of art, architecture, and music flourished in Europe
      • Middle Ages / Dark Ages = the period of history between classical antiquity and the Italian Renaissance
      • Renaissance / Renascence = the period of European history at the close of the Middle Ages and the rise of the modern world
      • Italian Renaissance = the early period when Italy was the center of the Renaissance
      • technological revolution / Industrial Revolution = the transformation from an agricultural to an industrial nation
      • Reign of Terror = the historic period (1793-94) during the French Revolution when thousands were executed
      • Harlem Renaissance = a period in the 1920s when African-American achievements in art and music and literature flourished
      • New Deal = the historic period (1933-1940) in the United States during which President Franklin Roosevelt's economic policies were implemented
      • Reconstruction Period / Reconstruction = the period after the American Civil War when the southern states were reorganized and reintegrated into the Union
      • Restoration = the reign of Charles II in England
      • Great Depression / Depression = a period during the 1930s when there was a worldwide economic depression and mass unemployment
    • part of: history = the aggregate of past events
  3. a time of life (usually defined in years) at which some particular qualification or power arises
    • example: she was now of school age
    • lexical domain: Time - nouns denoting time and temporal relations
    • synonym of age: eld
    • more generic term: time of life = a period of time during which a person is normally in a particular life state
    • more specific terms:
      • age of consent = the minimum age for marrying without parental consent or the minimum age for consensual sexual relations; intercourse at an earlier age can result in a charge of assault or statutory rape
      • legal age / majority = the age at which persons are considered competent to manage their own affairs
      • minority / nonage = any age prior to the legal age
      • drinking age = the age at which is legal for a person to buy alcoholic beverages
      • voting age = the age at which a person is old enough to vote in public elections
    • part of: life / life-time / lifespan / lifetime = the period during which something is functional
  4. a prolonged period of time
  5. a late time of life

Alternative definition of the noun age


  1. The whole duration of a being, whether animal, vegetable, or other kind; lifetime.
  2. That part of the duration of a being or a thing which is between its beginning and any given time.
  3. The latter part of life; an advanced period of life, eld; seniority; state of being old.
  4. One of the stages of life; as, the age of infancy, of youth, etc.
  5. Mature age; especially, the time of life at which one attains full personal rights and capacities.
  6. The time of life at which some particular power or capacity is understood to become vested.
  7. A particular period of time in history, as distinguished from others.
  8. A great period in the history of the Earth.
  9. A century; the period of one hundred years.
  10. The people who live at a particular period.
  11. Hence, a generation.
  12. [hyperbole] A long time.

Definition of the verb age

What does age mean as a doing word?

Age is one of the top 1000 most common verbs in the English language.View more statistics!

verb - inflections: aged | aging / ageing (less preferred form) | ages

  1. begin to seem older; get older
  2. grow old or older
    • examples: She aged gracefully | we age every day--what a depressing thought!
    • syntax: the same syntax as for the sense 1
    • lexical domain: Change - verbs of size, temperature change, intensifying, etc.
    • synonyms of age: get on / maturate / mature / senesce
    • more generic word: develop = grow, progress, unfold, or evolve through a process of evolution, natural growth, differentiation, or a conducive environment
    • more specific words:
      • turn = become officially one year older
      • fossilise / fossilize = become mentally inflexible
      • dote = be foolish or senile due to old age
  3. make older


  1. Age a.k.a. Âge: âge is a division of Acid Co., Ltd., a Japanese publisher of adult video games and visual novels. âge was formerly known as Relic and developed video games for consoles. It gained fame following the release of its 2001 adult visual novel Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. It was founded by Hirohiko Yoshida, Baka Prince Persia, Nanpuureima, Spin Drill, and Carnelian. âge games are published under the brands âge, Mirage, and Φâge.
    • read more about Âge
  2. Age is a record label.


  1. Age a.k.a. Adrienne Bailon: Adrienne Eliza Bailon is an American recording artist, singer-songwriter, actress, dancer, and television personality. Bailon first became publicly known when she rose to fame as a founding member and lead singer of both 3LW and The Cheetah Girls. Aside from her work in 3LW and The Cheetah Girls, Bailon went on to develop her own acting career with roles in The Cheetah Girls films, Coach Carter and the MTV film All You've Got. Aside from her work in film, she has also guest starred in numerous television series including the Disney series That's So Raven and The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Bailon has established a solo music career, contributing two solo tracks including, "What If", to The Cheetah Girls: One World soundtrack as well as the Confessions of a Shopaholic soundtrack, and other numerous guest musical ventures.
  2. Age a.k.a. Thomas P. Heckmann: Thomas Peter Heckmann ist ein deutscher Techno-DJ und -Musikproduzent sowie Plattenlabel-Gründer.
  3. Age a.k.a. Agenore Incrocci, best known as Age, was an Italian screenwriter, considered one of the fathers of the commedia all'italiana as one of the two members of the duo Age & Scarpelli, together with Furio Scarpelli.
  4. Age a.k.a. Adrian Fulle is an American director and producer. He graduated from Columbia College with a degree in Film and Video and went to work for The Walt Disney Company, before founding Poya Pictures. He's a large supporter of the Los Angeles homeless shelter, The Midnight Mission. He has produced work for companies such as Ubisoft and DR 1.
  5. Age is a film score composer.
    • profession: Film score composer

There are other people with in their name, like Age Kat, Max Age, New Age, New-Age, Age Pryor, Louis Age and many others.


Age is a fictional character from the 2013 film Patema Inverted.


"Age" is a book by Hortense Calisher.

  • genres: Romance novel, Fiction


"AGE" a.k.a. "A.G.E." is a 1991 space flight simulator computer game by Tomahawk. It is the sequel to Galactic Empire.


  1. "Age" is a song written and recorded by Jim Croce and his wife Ingrid. The song was first recorded in 1969 on their self-titled album. Jim Croce would record the song again, this time without Ingrid, for his final album I Got a Name in 1973. Jerry Reed's cover of the song was released as a single in 1980 on his tribute album to Croce, and it peaked at thirty-six on the Billboard country chart.
  2. "Age" a.k.a. "âge" is a musical album of Yuki Saitō.
    • read more about âge
  3. "Age" is a musical album of The Hidden Cameras.
    • released on
  4. "Age" is a composition.
  5. "Age" is a musical album of Daniel Givens.
    • released in (15 years ago)
  6. "Age" is a composition, cataloged instance.
  7. "Age" is a musical album of Matthew Chinery.
    • released in (15 years ago)
  8. "Age" is a musical EP of Irreversible.
    • released in (9 years ago)
  9. "Age" is a musical single of Cordell Klier.
    • released on (12 years ago)


Age a.k.a. Wangerooge Airport is an airport in Wangerooge, Lower Saxony, Germany.


  1. Age a.k.a. Old age: Increasing age as a risk factor refers to older adults and the elderly.
  2. Age: A geologic age is a subdivision of geologic time that divides an epoch into smaller parts. A succession of rock strata laid down in a single age on the geologic timescale is a stage.
  3. Age is a scientific journal focused on the biology of aging and research on biomedical applications that impact aging. This includes evolutionary biology, biophysics, genetics, genomics, proteomics, molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, endocrinology, immunology, physiology, pharmacology, neuroscience, and psychology. It is an international peer-reviewed monthly and the official journal of the American Aging Society. It is published by Springer Science+Business Media, and the editor-in-Chief is Donald K. Ingram. According to the 2012 Journal Citation Reports, its impact factor is 4.084.
  4. Age: In model theory, the age of a structure A is the class of all finitely generated structures which are embeddable in A. This concept is central in the construction of a Fraïssé limit.
  5. Age a.k.a. Angal Language: Angal, or Mendi, is a Trans–New Guinea language complex of the Southern Highlands province of Papua New Guinea.
    • also known as East Angal, Mendi
  6. Age a.k.a. The Birmingham Post-Herald was a daily newspaper in Birmingham, Alabama with roots dating back to 1850, before the founding of Birmingham. The final edition was published on September 23, 2005. In its last full year, its average daily circulation was 7,544, down from 8,948 the previous year.
  7. Age a.k.a. Esimbi Language: Esimbi is a language of the Cameroons. It's generally classified as Tivoid, but with little evidence. It is also called Isimbi, Simpi, Age, Aage, Bogue and Mburugam.
  8. age is an extension.
  9. Age is a cataloged instance, musical recording, canonical version.
  10. Age a.k.a. Agé is a god of the mythology of the Fon people of Africa. He is the son of Mawu-Lisa. Agé is the patron god of hunters, the wilderness, and the animals within it.
  11. Age: The apparent age of the celestial object in millions of years.
  12. age is an umql_property.
  13. Age: The participant's age at the time of this Olympic Torch Relay event.
  14. Age: The length of time that a person has lived or a thing has existed.

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Google previewDay's Collacon: an Encyclopaedia of Prose Quotations (1884)

Consisting of Beautiful Thoughts, Choice Extracts and Sayings, of the Most Eminent Writers of All Nations, from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time, Together with a Comprehensive Biographical Index of Authors, and an Alphabetical List of Subjects Quoted

Old age is a disease medicine will not cure ; it is a bore to grow old. Mme. Patterson Bonaparte. Old age is the altar of ills ; we may see them all taking refuge in it.

Old age is a tyrant, which forbids the pleasures of youth on pain of death.

Google previewThe Naked Coach (2007)

Business Coaching Made Simple by David Taylor

The Next Business Age is a call to action for all leaders, of all companies, who choose to create a truly enlightened organization, and be a business great in the 21st century. The Next Business Age is a choice, not an answer. The great fallacy ...

Google previewA Handbook for the Study of Mental Health (1999)

Social Contexts, Theories, and Systems by Allan V. Horwitz, Teresa L. Scheid

Ross Middle age is the best time of life in terms of depression; older and younger adults report higher levels of depression. In explaining this pattern, Mirowsky and Ross ...

Google previewIntroduction to Maternity & Pediatric Nursing (2013)

by Gloria Leifer

Gestational age refers to the actual time, from conception to birth, that the fetus remains in the uterus. For the...

One standardized method used to estimate gestational age is the Ballard scoring system, which is based on the infant's external ...

Google previewWorking With Sample Data (2011)

Exploration and Inference by Priscilla Chaffe-Stengel

Age is the factor being analyzed. This ANOVA...

Google previewHistorical Dictionary of the Gilded Age (2003)

by Leonard C. Schlup, James Gilbert Ryan

The period acquired its name from Mark Twain's novel The Gilded Age: A Tale of Today, published in 1873 in collaboration with Charles Dudley Warner. Twain and Warner satirized business ethics, fraudulent stock dealings, rampant greed, ...

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Usage statistics about age

The following statistics are based on the British National Corpus, so they are representative for the British English from the later part of the 20th century, both spoken and written.

Usage statistics for the noun age:

spoken English39.58%written English60.42% conversational speech55.59%task-oriented speech44.41% imaginative writing35.14%informational writing64.86%

Distribution of usage frequency for the most common synonyms of the verb age:


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