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Definition of the noun sway

What does sway mean as a name of something?

noun - plural: sways

  1. controlling influence
    • lexical domain: Attributes - nouns denoting attributes of people and objects
    • more generic words: power / powerfulness = possession of controlling influence
  2. pitching dangerously to one side

Alternative definition of the noun sway


  1. The act of swaying; a swaying motion; a swing or sweep of a weapon.
  2. A rocking or swinging motion.
  3. Influence, weight, or authority that inclines to one side; as, the sway of desires.
  4. Preponderance; turn or cast of balance.
  5. Rule; dominion; control.
  6. A switch or rod used by thatchers to bind their work.
  7. The maximum amplitude of a vehicle's lateral motion

Definition of the verb sway

What does sway mean as a doing word?

verb - inflections: swayed | swaying | sways

  1. move back and forth or sideways
  2. move or walk in a swinging or swaying manner
  3. win approval or support for
    • example: His speech did not sway the voters
    • syntax:
      Syntactic formulaExample for the syntactic formula
      [Agent - being or organization] [Verb] [Patient]I persuaded him
      [Agent - being or organization] [Verb] [Patient] [Proposition, object control with infinitive]I persuaded him to come
      [Agent - being or organization] [Verb] [Patient] [Proposition, that-complement clause]I persuaded him that he should come
      [Agent - being or organization] [Verb] [Patient] into [Proposition, not sentential clause]I persuaded him into action

      Verbs of Urging (with the same syntax): admonish, advise, ask, badger, beg, convince, entreat, exhort, extort, implore, lobby, motivate, persuade, urge.

    • lexical domain: Activities - verbs of political and social activities and events
    • synonyms of sway: carry / persuade
    • more generic terms: act upon / influence / work = have and exert influence or effect
  4. cause to move back and forth
    • example: the wind swayed the trees gently
    • syntax: the same syntax as for the sense 1
    • lexical domain: Motions - verbs of walking, flying, swimming
    • synonym of sway: rock
    • more generic words: displace / move = cause to move or shift into a new position or place, both in a concrete and in an abstract sense

Alternative definition of the verb sway


  1. To move or swing from side to side; or backward and forward; to rock.
  2. To move or wield with the hand; to swing; to wield; as, to sway the scepter.
  3. To influence or direct by power, authority, persuasion, or by moral force; to rule; to govern; to guide. Compare persuade
  4. To cause to incline or swing to one side, or backward and forward; to bias; to turn; to bend; warp; as, reeds swayed by wind
  5. [nautical] To hoist (a mast or yard) into position
  6. To be drawn to one side by weight or influence; to lean; to incline.
  7. To have weight or influence.
  8. To bear sway; to rule; to govern.


  1. Sway: Derek Andrew Safo, better known by his stage names Sway DaSafo or Sway is an English artist of Akan descent. He is signed to Akon's Konvict Muzik record label and is also a producer, having established DCypha Productions.
    • also known as Sway DaSafo, Derek Andrew Safo, 'Sway', Sway Calloway
    • born on (33 years ago) in Hornsey
    • nationality: United Kingdom
    • religion: Islam
    • education: Highgate Wood Secondary School
    • profession: Record producer, rapper
    • genres: Grime music, Hip hop music, British hip hop
    • albums: "This Is My Demo", "The Signature LP", "This Is My Promo, Volume 1", "This Is My Promo Vol. 1", "This Is My Promo, Volume 2", "One for the Journey EP: This Is Not My Second Album!", "One for the Journey", "This Is My Rave", "Another Flippin Rap EP", "The Dotted Lines Mixtape", "This Is My Promo Vol. 2", "The Signature LP Mixtape", "The Deliverance", "Still Speedin'", "Two Fingers", "Sway & Lovedough Present... This Is My Rave", "Hold Em High", "Shopaholic", "Level Up", "Silver & Gold", "Wake Up"
    • filmography:
    • some of the nominations and awards:
        • nominated to BET Hip Hop Award for Best UK Act
        • BET Hip Hop Award for Best UK Act
        • nominated to BET Award for Best International Act: UK
    • official website:
  2. Sway a.k.a. Espen Lind is a Norwegian record producer, songwriter, singer, and multi-instrumentalist. He is one half of the production team Espionage. Espen is set to be a mentor on the Norwegian version of The Voice 2013.
  3. Sway a.k.a. Sway Calloway, better known mononymously as Sway, is an American rapper and reporter and executive producer for MTV News. He is also the co-host of the nationally syndicated radio show The Wake Up Show. He is one half of the duo Sway & King Tech.

There are other people with in their name, like Jack Sway, Marc Sway.


  1. Sway is a musical group.
    • albums: "Winter Heart", "Sway", "The Millia Pink and Green EP"
  2. Sway is a musical group.
    • album: "Rock Bottom"

There are other groups with in their name, like Sudden Sway, Sway & King Tech.


Sway is a fictional comic book superhero, a mutant in the Marvel Comics Universe. She first appeared in X-Men: Deadly Genesis #3 as one of the "Missing X-Men". She was created by writer Ed Brubaker and artist Pete Woods.


  1. "Sway" is a 2006 mystery-drama film, directed by Japanese director Miwa Nishikawa, which features sibling rivalry and a possible murder.
  2. "Sway" a.k.a. "Seedpeople" is a motion picture executive produced by Charles Band and directed by Peter Manoogian.
  3. "Sway" is a film, directed by Rooth Tang.
  4. "Sway" is a film, directed by Jack Marmer.


"Sway" is a platform game for the iOS published by Illusion Labs and developed by ReadyFireAim. It was released worldwide on February 23, 2009 via the App Store.

  • mode: Single-player video game
  • genre: Platform game
  • publisher: Illusion Labs
  • released on (6 years ago)


  1. "Sway" is the English version of "¿Quién será?", a 1953 mambo instrumental song by Mexican composers Luis Demetrio and Pablo Beltran Ruiz. The most famous English version is that of Dean Martin recorded in 1954. English lyrics are by Norman Gimbel. Since then the song has been recorded and remixed by many artists.
  2. "Sway" is a 1997 New Zealand music single by Bic Runga. It appeared on her first album, Drive, and it was featured in the 1999 film American Pie as well as the 2012 American Reunion. It was released in 1998 in Germany, Australia, and twice in the United Kingdom. It was also released in the United States. In 2001 it was voted 6th best New Zealand song of all time by members of APRA. An acoustic version of the song can be found on the charity album Even Better than the Real Thing Vol. 2.
  3. "Sway" is a song by English rock 'n roll band The Rolling Stones from their 1971 album Sticky Fingers. It was also released as the b-side of the "Wild Horses" single in June 1971. This single was released in the US only. Initial pressings of the single contain an alternate take; later pressings include the album version instead.
  4. "Sway" is the seventh studio album by Blue October. It was recorded at Fire Station Studio in San Marcos, Texas with co-producer David Castell in February and March 2013. Additional recording sessions for strings and vocal overdubs took place at Test Tube Audio in Austin, Texas in April 2013, and the album was mixed at Studio 62 in Austin by Tim Palmer between May and July 2013. Production credit for the album is shared between Justin Furstenfeld, David Castell and Tim Palmer. Castell previously produced Blue October's album History For Sale and co-produced Foiled, while Palmer produced the band's album Any Man in America and mixed History for Sale. The first single from the album, "Bleed Out" impacted radio on June 6, 2013 and became available for sale at digital outlets on June 25. A music video for the single was filmed in Dallas, Texas on June 15 with director Norry Niven. "Bleed Out" was a top 25 single on the Billboard alternative radio chart. The song "Angels in Everything" was released as a single in Germany, and to date has reached number 25 on the radio charts.
  5. "Sway" is a song by British indie rock band The Kooks and is the third and final single of their second album Konk. It was released physically on October 10, 2008. The track is also featured in the I Love You, Beth Cooper soundtrack.
  6. "Sway" is a musical single of Bic Runga.
    • released in (18 years ago)
  7. "Sway" is a musical album of Colorblind.
    • released on (17 years ago)
  8. "Sway" is a musical album of Whirr.
    • released on


  1. Sway a.k.a. Sway railway station is a railway station serving the village of Sway in Hampshire, England. It is located on the South Western Main Line from London Waterloo to Weymouth.
  2. Sway is a Venue in New York City.


  1. Sway is a presentation web app developed by Microsoft. The first preview version appeared on 1 October 2014 as an invitation-only preview, and is part of the Microsoft Office family of products.
  2. Sway: The term sway has a specific meaning in the technique of ballroom dances. Sway describes a dancer's body position in which the entire body gracefully deflects from the vertical. Entrance to and exit from this position are matters of fine technical detail and differ in various dance figures.
  3. Sway is a 2014 young adult fiction book by American author Kat Spears and her debut novel. The work was first published on 16 September 2014 through St. Martin's Griffin and is a modern take on the story of Cyrano de Bergerac.
    • language: English Language

Phrases with Sway

  1. sway bar
  2. anti-sway bar
  3. to sway
  4. hold sway

Printed dictionaries and other books with definitions for Sway

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Google previewSikh Philosophy and Religion (2006)

11th Guru Nanak Memorial Lectures by Nirmal Kumar

The mystical sway is the power often developed by misguided saints and spiritual men. It develops confusions and uncertainties into spiritual power. This helps in breeding superstitions, fears and ignorance. The Gurus had realized that the ...

Google previewMathematical Approaches to Biological Systems (2015)

Networks, Oscillations, and Collective Motions by Toru Ohira, Tohru Uzawa

Postural sway refers to the movements made by the body to maintain balance during quiet standing [61, 96, 97]. Typically, postural sway is measured by having a subject stand quietly with eyes closed on a force platform (Fig.1.5a).

Google previewAdvanced Computing, Networking and Informatics- Volume 2 (2014)

Wireless Networks and Security Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Advanced Computing, Networking and Informatics (ICACNI-2014) by Malay K. Kundu, Durga Prasad Mohapatra, Amit Konar, Aruna Chakraborty

Content sniffing sway is a bosom polemic of Cross Site Scripting pilfering. In a Potential sniffing attack, a strew ineradicable encircling hellish payload is wrongly handled by a victim's browser, usher in the period of HTML content and conduct ...

Google previewTruck Safety (1993)

The Safety of Longer Combination Vehicles Is Unknown

Trailer sway is the side-to-side movement of multiple trailers. Rearward amplification, the tendency of a rapid movement at the front of an LCV to be amplified as it travels toward the rear of the vehicle is most often attributed to the driver's ...

Google previewTony Fretton Architects (2013)

Buildings and their Territories by Tony Fretton

ArtSway. Location: Sway, Hampshire, UK Tony Fretton Project Architects: Tom Russell and Deborah Saunt Jonathan Sergison, Jim McKinney, Steinthór Kári Kárason Sway is a village 7 km from the south coast of England near Southampton.

Google previewFrameworks of Power (1989)

by Stewart Clegg

On the contrary, it is simply to suggest that the denial of this sovereignty within a moral theory in which liberal, free and responsible individuals do hold conceptual sway is the ultimate act of negative ...

Google previewChronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment (1998)

A Treatment Guide by Erica F. Verrillo, Lauren M. Gellman

currently holds sway is that CFIDS is caused by a virus. This point of view is supported by history (CFIDS epidemics have followed polio epidemics), incidence (correlation with a flu-like prodromic illness), symptoms (swollen lymph nodes, ...

Google previewCirculatory Response to the Upright Posture (1990)

by James J. Smith

Postural sway is an important factor in maintaining neuromuscular stability in the vertical position, which, as previously mentioned, is a difficult and mechanically disadvantageous one for the human, but its circulatory effect is probably of equal ...

Google previewThe Complete Idiot's Guide to Ballroom Dancing (2002)

by Jeff Allen

Sway is the inclination of the body away from the moving foot and toward the inside of the turn. Inclining the body to the left or right from the knees and not the waist will create the correct sway. Broken sway from the waist should be avoided.

Google previewFundamentals of Nursing , Human Health and Function with Access (2016)

by CTI Reviews

of a body within the base of support with minimal postural sway. Sway is the horizontal movement of the centre of gravity even when a ...

Google previewBiology (2016)

by CTI Reviews

Balance: In biomechanics, balance is an ability to maintain the line of gravity of a body within the base of support with minimal postural sway. Sway is the horizontal movement of the centre of ...

Google previewEncyclopaedia Perthensis, Or, Universal Dictionary of the Arts, Sciences, Literature, Etc. : Intended to Supersede the Use of Other Books of Reference (1816)


Google previewThe Oxford Dictionary of Original Shakespearean Pronunciation (2016)

by David Crystal

sp swathing" sway п SWe: sp sway" ...

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Leaders do not sway with the polls. Instead, they sway the polls through their own words and actions. (Robert. L. Ehrlich)
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