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Pure appears in many palindromes (phrases that read the same backward as forward):

  • Pure bosses sober up.
  • Let sap erupt, pure pastel!
  • Pure boss, may yams sober up?
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The word PURE can be typed using only the top row of keys on a QWERTY keyboard.

The following statistics are based on the British National Corpus, so they are representative for the British English.

Distribution of usage frequency for the most common synonyms of the adjective pure:


The word pure is considered to be an easy one, according to the Dale-Chall word list, which includes 3000 words that all fourth-grade American students should know and understand.

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Definition of the adjective pure

What does pure mean as an attribute of a noun?

Pure is one of the top 1000 most common adjectives in the English language.

adjective - degrees: purer | purest

  1. free of extraneous elements of any kind
  2. without qualification; used informally as (often pejorative) intensifiers
  3. (of color) being chromatically pure; not diluted with white or grey or black
  4. free from discordant qualities
  5. concerned with theory and data rather than practice; opposed to applied
  6. (used of persons or behaviors) having no faults; sinless
    • examples: I felt pure and sweet as a new baby | pure as the driven snow
    • antonym: impure
    • similar: immaculate / undefiled; white
    • attribute: morality = concern with the distinction between good and evil or right and wrong
    • see also: chaste
  7. in a state of sexual virginity

Alternative definition of the adjective pure


  1. free of flaws or imperfections; unsullied
  2. free of foreign material or pollutants
  3. free of immoral behavior or qualities; clean
  4. of a branch of science, done for its own sake instead of serving another branch of science.

Definition of the adverb pure

What does pure mean as an attribute of something other than a noun?


  1. [Liverpool] to a great extent or degree; extremely; exceedingly.


  1. "Pure" is a 2002 British film directed by Gillies MacKinnon. It starred Molly Parker, Harry Eden, David Wenham and Keira Knightley.
  2. "Pure" is a 2009 Swedish drama film directed and written by Lisa Langseth. Its Swedish language title is Till det som är vackert which approximately translates to "To that which is beautiful".
  3. "Pure" is a 2005 Canadian film.
  4. "Pure" is a 1998 adult video written by Brad Armstrong and Jenna Jameson and directed by Brad Armstrong and Greg Steelberg.
  5. "Pure" is a film.
  6. "Pure" is a 2008 adult film directed by Ethan Kane.
  7. "Pure" is a film, directed by Jim Steel.


"Pure" is a novel by Julianna Baggott, published in .

  • language: English Language


"Pure" is an off-road, quad-bike trick-racing video game for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows published by Disney Interactive Studios and developed by Black Rock Studio. The game was announced on February 14, 2008 and was released in North America on September 16, 2008 on Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, in Europe on September 26, 2008 and in Japan on June 25, 2009. The game incorporates a trick system that rewards the player with speed boosts for successfully pulling off tricks.

  • mode: Single-player video game, Multiplayer video game
  • developer: Black Rock Studio
  • genres: Racing video game, Sports game
  • publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
  • released on (7 years ago)
  • some of the awards:
  • official website:


  1. "Pure": Lara Fabian's third studio album Pure, was a two million-selling album, which reached Diamond status in France, from which came the anti-homophobia anthem "La Différence." The album went platinum in less than two weeks. Lara again was bestowed with awards, being awarded a Félix Award for Popular Album Of The Year at the 1997 ADISQ gala and was also nominated for two Juno Awards of 1997 in the Best Female Singer and Best Selling French Album categories.
  2. "Pure" is the first internationally published album by Christchurch, New Zealand soprano Hayley Westenra. Her previous albums were released only in New Zealand and nearby Australia. This album also received professional consultation from the legendary Sir George Martin who helped to create its "unique appeal". In 2004, it was the highest selling New Zealand Album and so it privileged Hayley with an award from the New Zealand Music Awards of 2004. It was published by the Decca Music Group label in 2003. It was distributed in the United States by Universal Classics in 2004. During its first week of sales it sold 19,068 copies. As of 2007, Pure is the best selling classical album for the 21st century in the UK.
    • also known as Pure (Special Australian Edition)
    • genres: Pop music, Crossover
    • released on (12 years ago)
  3. "Pure" is a single by the British music group The Lightning Seeds from their debut album Cloudcuckooland.
  4. "Pure" is the second album by English industrial metal band Godflesh. It was released on April 13, 1992, on Earache Records. A music video was produced for "Mothra". The CD version includes two bonus tracks.
  5. "Pure" is a 2000 album by British musician Gary Numan, the follow-up to 1997's Exile.
  6. "Pure" is the eighth studio album by English neo-progressive rock group Pendragon. It was first released on October 1, 2008, as a regular edition on Toff Records, the band's own imprint, and reissued in March 14, 2011, as a special CD+DVD edition in rigid digi book through Madfish, a division label of Snapper Music. The DVD in the new special packaging has an 1hr. 24min. footage titled 'Handy-Cam Progumentary', recorded by the band themselves.
  7. "Pure" is the debut EP by The Jesus Lizard, released in 1989. The cover artwork was by bassist David Wm. Sims. This is the only record by the Jesus Lizard recorded with a drum machine. Drummer Mac McNeilly was added to the group soon after it was recorded. The song "Blockbuster" was sung by bassist David Wm. Sims and was covered by the Melvins, with David Yow on vocals, on their album "The Crybaby".
  8. "Pure" is the third studio album by all-female German pop group No Angels. It was released by Polydor's subsidiary Cheyenne Records on August 25, 2003 in German-speaking Europe and is the band's only album without founding member Jessica Wahls, who later rejoined the group for their The Best of No Angels the same year. Recorded during Wahls's pregnancy break — which would result into officially leaving the group prior to the album's release —, the album marked the No Angels' first studio release as a quartet and their final album before their temporary disbandment in fall 2003.
  9. "Pure" is the ninth album by jazz saxophonist Boney James, released in 2004.
    • genre: Smooth jazz
    • released on (11 years ago)
    • award: - Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album nomination for Boney James
  10. "Pure" is a musical album of Pur:Pur.
    • released on (5 years ago)
  11. "Pure" is the sixth studio album by Maksim Mrvica. It was internationally released by MBO on 22 November 2007.
  12. "Pure" is a compilation album by pop band The Lightning Seeds, released in 1996 and reaching #27 in the UK Albums Chart.
  13. "Pure" is the debut album from UK rock band 3 Colours Red.
  14. "Pure" is the seventh album by The Golden Palominos, released on October 11, 1994 through Restless Records.
  15. "Pure" is a studio album from saxophonist Chris Potter released 1994 for Concord Records. Appearing on the album is frequent collaborator John Hart on guitar, in addition to pianist and organist Larry Goldings. According to Neil Tesser, Goldings plays with "virtually none of the traditional organ-jazz fare" on this album.
    • genre: Post-bop
    • released in (21 years ago)
  16. "Pure" is a 1989 studio album by the British band The Primitives, released as the follow-up to their debut, Lovely. The line-up changed slightly over the course of the previous year: Steve Dullaghan was replaced on the bass guitar by Paul Sampson, who also shared the production duties with Wayne Morris.
    • genre: Indie pop
    • released in (26 years ago)
  17. "Pure" is the 10th album by West London Post punk and Indie band The Times released in 1991.
    • released in (24 years ago)
  18. "Pure" is the sixth single of the alternative metal band Orgy. It was released on August 23, 2005 as a bonus disc that came with pre-orders of Orgy's Trans Global Spectacle DVD. This disc was not sold in stores and there is no other way to obtain it outside of the Trans Global Spectacle DVD Pre-Order, however the original track is on the album Punk Statik Paranoia. It was packaged in a white paper sleeve with a clear plastic front with no paper inserts of any kind.
  19. "Pure" is a musical album of Salah Edin.
    • released on (6 years ago)
  20. "Pure" is a composition, cataloged instance.
  21. "Pure" is a musical single of Solarstone.
    • released on
  22. "Pure" is a musical single of 3 Colours Red.
    • released on (17 years ago)
  23. "Pure" is a musical single of Lightning Seeds.
    • released in (26 years ago)
  24. "Pure" is a musical single of Greater Than One.
    • released in (25 years ago)
  25. "PURE" is a musical single of Noriko Sakai.
    • released on (16 years ago)
  26. "Pure" is a composition.
  27. "Pure" is a musical album of Cuong Vu.
    • released in (15 years ago)
  28. "Pure" is a musical album of Chandelier.
    • released in (25 years ago)
  29. "Pure" is the sixth album by Cosmicity.
    • genre: Synthpop
    • released on (13 years ago)
  30. "Pure" is a musical album of Dan Dankmeyer.
    • released on


  1. Pure was a Canadian rock band, formed in Vancouver in 1991. Previously, the band was known as After All and Grin Factory. Signed to the Reprise label, the band reached a greater audience once their song "Greedy" was featured on the soundtrack album Songs from the Cool World, and the single "Blast" reached No. 22 on Billboard's Modern Rock chart in 1993.
    • members:
    • genre: Alternative rock
    • albums: "Greed", "Extra Purestrail", "Feverish", "Generation 6 Pack", "Pureafunalia", "Low"
    • nomination: - nominated to Juno Award for Breakthrough Group of the Year
  2. Pure is a musical group.
    • albums: "And the waters turned to blood", "Kingdom Of Wrath"
  3. Pure is a musical group.
    • album: "Fetor"

There are other groups with in their name, like Pure X, Pure-X, Pure Hate, Pure Hell, Pure soul, Pure Mania, Pure Solid, Pure Sugar, Pure Energy, Pure Pwnage, Pure Essence, Pure Morning, Pure Rubbish, Sure Is Pure, Pure Pleasure, Pure Saturday, Pure Soundart, Pure Horsehair, The Pure Souls and Pure White Evil.


  1. Pure is a British consumer electronics company, based in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, founded in 2002. Pure is a division of another Hertfordshire-based company, Imagination Technologies, which primarily designs Central processing units and Graphics processing units. Imagination did not originally set out to sell consumer electronics and the first Pure radio was merely a demonstration platform for its DAB decoding chip.
    • also known as Pure Digital
  2. Pure a.k.a. Pure! is a Finnish energy drink. It's The Dudesons' own energy drink. Pure was first brought to the market in 2007. Pure is sold in 33 cl tin cans.
  3. Pure is a record label, defunct organization.


Pure is a commune in the Ardennes department in northern France.


  1. Pure is a dynamically typed, functional programming language based on term rewriting. It has facilities for user-defined operator syntax, macros, multiple-precision numbers, and compilation to native code through the LLVM. It is the successor to the Q programming language.
  2. purE is a gene.

Phrases with Pure

Phrases starting with the word Pure:

  1. Pure Air
  2. Pure Data
  3. pure gold
  4. Pure Name
  5. pure tone
  6. Pure laine
  7. Pure Finder
  8. Pure Tellin
  9. pure absence
  10. Pure Country
  11. Pure Mysella
  12. Pure and Simple
  13. pure mathematics
  14. pure imaginary number
  15. Pure As the Driven Snow
  16. pure binary numeration system

Phrases ending with the word Pure:

  1. make pure
  2. simon-pure
  3. army of the pure

Printed dictionaries and other books with definitions for Pure

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Google preview10-Minute Time Outs for You and Your Kids (2007)

Scriptures, Stories, and Prayers You Can Share Together by Grace Fox

Some people think being pure means not having fun. They're mistaken! Being pure means living life as God wants us 117 Grace Fox.

Google previewBarcelona, Berlin, New York, 1928-1931 (2008)

by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Being pure means being clear, being upright, means taking control of one's thoughts so they cannot run away from us. Purity of body is also closely related to purity of the heart. One must take joy in purity; indeed, one must have a passion for ...

Google previewEncyclopedia of Monasticism (2013)

by William M. Johnston

However, as the tradition began to diversify in the Mahayana movement, among the first variations was the Pure Land teaching, which was included in the earliest Mahayana literature in India (around a.d. ioo; the central texts included the ...

Google previewEncyclopedia of Fermented Fresh Milk Products: An International Inventory of Fermented Milk, Cream, Buttermilk, Whey, and Related Products (1992)

by Joseph A. Kurmann, Jeremija L. Rasic, Manfred Kroger

Laban zeer, mixed culture: Lactobacillus milk for biotherapy of infantile diarrhea, mixed culture: Yakult, pure; Zincica, mixed culture Lb. delbrueckiisubsp. bulgaricus: Animal feeds and bacterial concentrates used in mixed culture: Azi used in ...

Google previewA dictionary of chemistry and of mineralogy as connected with it (1826)

by William Campbell Ottley

a perfectly pure state, it is usually purified in the laboratory by the following process. The impure silver is digested in a sufficient quantity of diluted nitric acid until nothing but a black powder remains, which consists of the gold and platinum , if it ...

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Quotes about Pure

M ost
O rders
R ule for pure
A nd impure goals,
L ike impure or pure
M achiavellian
A ims; Which would be worthier?
X enophon's advice to leaders
I nspired Machiavelli's idea[l]s.
M ost orders rule for pure and impure goals. (Diane Hine)
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Scrabble value of P3U1R1E1

The value of this 4-letter word is 6 points. It is included in the first and second editions of the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary.

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